July 21, 2024
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Practicing Patience Can Help You Be Successful

Sometimes we see the nature around us and we observe that there are many lessons that we can learn from nature. One of the key lessons is patience. We see it everywhere in nature. Right from the river slowly cutting its way through rocks to the trees patiently growing to their mighty statures, patience can be seen everywhere in nature. …

The Jungle Of Amazon: 40k Plants Under A Single Urban Oasis


Five years after the first proposal of the construction of three glass domes on its downtown Seattle campus, Amazon is set to welcome employees into its fully realized, plant-filled Spheres next week, and herald yet another perk of working for the ever-growing tech giant. The whole idea behind bringing around 40,000 plants from over 30 countries in the enclosed tropical …

Urban Nature And Tree Cover Affects Public Health

Many disorders, like obesity and depression, are common in urban areas. While cities may boast of high per capita income, there is not a lot of productivity. Education and morale among urban areas are also dwindling and suicidal rates are increasing by the day. Every day, there are patients pouring into hospitals and clinics with asthma and heart disease. According …

Encouraging Word’s Miracle – When Nature Closes One Door But Opens Another

It is said that the words of encouragement foster self-respect, confidence and independence. Words of encouragement have definitely positive impact on the reader and the listener as well written and spoken by someone.  Also, behind every successful person there is someone who motivates the person by becoming his mentor, with encouraging words, from time to time. According to the Positive …


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