July 27, 2021
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Everything that you should know about Online Cricket Fantasy App

With the evolution of the internet, online games and fantasy applications have become highly popular amongst smartphone users. Right from the apps that let you live in real-life situations to the apps that allow you to play fantasy cricket online, the world has rapidly expanded for the users. There are innumerable apps that offer you the options to make your …

Zaheer Khan & Sagarika Ghatge: Small Wedding, Big Reception Parties

Zaheer Khan & Sagarika Ghatge

Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan may have had a small wedding sans all the reporters and glitz, but it seems like the couple is making it up to everyone with huge and endless parties, something which would make everyone burn in envy and jealousy. The pictures from their reception parties look out of time, a fairytale story without the magic …

Rahul Dravid- The True Gentleman From Cricket

Rahul Dravid

There are certain characteristics in a man which qualify him to be a league above the normal person, chivalry, patience, honour, humility, dedication, determination, and humbleness being the chief among them. Indian Cricket Team’s former Captain Rahul Dravid is an exceptional human being. He defines the true spirit of a gentleman in a world where if he wanted, he could …

Mithali Raj: Face Of Indian Women Cricket Becomes Face On Vogue

Mithali Raj gained popularity after the India vs England match in June this year. Ever since, she has been in the spotlight. The captain of the Indian Women Cricket Team became a celebrity in India and also became popular abroad, even though her team lost the finals against England. However, the representation of Indian women at an international platform in …

Virat Kohli’s Commitment Made Him Turn Down A Multi Crore Deal

Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and National Treasure, Virat Kohli has decided not to renew his six-year endorsement deal with PepsiCo. No, it’s not because of any personal feud with PepsiCo. It has more to do with his commitment to fitness and leading by example. According to The Hindu, Kohli has confirmed the fact that he doesn’t want the …


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