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What Is A Taurus? Here’s A Complete Guide

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The personality traits of a Taurus make individuals born under this sign reliable and loyal friends. However, the same tendencies can make them stubborn. Fortunately, learning about this zodiac sign gives you the tools to get along with the bull.

Taurus 101

Taurus is an earth sign and has the most traditionally grounded personality traits. Materialistic, steadfast and obstinate, they’re more preoccupied with what they can see and touch than lofty ideals or spiritual endeavors.


This star sign is a rock, making it a great partner in business, love or friendship. If you ever feel like you’re drifting, a Taurus can bring you into safe harbor. Additionally, when the bull says it’s going to do something, you know the job will get done. While Tauruses’ innate stubbornness can get them in trouble, it also means they’ll stick with friends to the bitter end and stand up for their beliefs, no matter what.

Level-headed and drawn to beauty, Tauruses are happiest when their professions bring themselves and others comfort. This earth sign can flourish in any of the following careers:

  • Forest ranger
  • Fashion model
  • Art director
  • Massage therapist
  • Interior designer
  • Chef
  • Architect


Unfortunately, the bull can get preoccupied with material gain and forget to tend to emotional, intellectual and spiritual matters. It may also overspend in pursuit of luxury.

Additionally, Tauruses don’t like to compromise. In disagreements, they take an “it’s-my-way-or-the-highway” approach. This inability to meet others halfway can wreck relationships and make them challenging to work with.

A Guide to Numerology for Taurus

Looking at the stars isn’t the only way to find a blueprint for Taurus traits. Numerology, which uses numbers assigned to vital personal information, can also reveal essential details about your life path. Each zodiac sign has an associated number and ruling planet, both of which influence individuals born under the constellation.


Venus is named for the Roman goddess of love, which people often associate with romantic relationships. However, the planet rules over several life areas:

  • Platonic and familial love
  • Sensuality and pleasure
  • Money and valuables
  • Internal values

Taurus gets its love of material goods from Venus, and this earth sign is happiest when it can luxuriate in relaxing environments, surrounded by its favorite possessions.


In numerology, the number six is associated with unconditional love. Tauruses may not be outwardly emotional, but they have an enormous capacity for love. The bull doesn’t open up to just anyone, but once you have a bond, you become one of its “people,” and it will do anything to help and protect you.

Prepare for Tomorrow, Today

If you feel anxious not knowing what tomorrow will bring, reading your daily horoscope may help. Astrologists use their knowledge of celestial bodies and their positions to make predictions about various life aspects. Since each zodiac sign has different tendencies and relationships with the planets, daily horoscopes are tailored accordingly.

Reading a Taurus yearly horoscope provides a general overview of the upcoming year. With foreknowledge of potential hurdles and golden opportunities, you can take the bull by the horns and create your own destiny.

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