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Getting Crazy About Crypto Investment? Explore The Crypto World For Secured Transactions

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Do you become fascinated while thinking about getting rich by investing in cryptocurrency? If you think it is as simple as the traditional investment, you are wrong! As the crypto world is different from stock trading, you need to first understand the terminologies, and advanced technologies to unlock the never-ending potentiality of money-making investment. As this digital currency trading is relatively new, it will take time to learn the basic terms and get acquainted with their role from the business perspective.

Investment is all about acquiring your hard-earned money with the speculation of earning profits in the future. It would be not very meaningful if you kickstart by putting your money into the crypto world without learning its basics. So, hold your breath, and go through the following important terms to have a clear perception of this digital asset.


This is a combined word formed from “alternative” and “coin”. Altcoin refers to all the substitute cryptocurrency options of Bitcoin. As more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies are available in the market, Altcoins can be anything other than Bitcoin. Financial experts do not recommend investing in the non-bitcoin cryptocurrency as it has the least market value.


In the crypto world, one of the best-known terms is Bitcoin. This is the earliest and most treasured cryptocurrency for which the public ledger was developed. Since its formation in the year 2009, the value of this digital currency has scaled up consistently. This global currency cum payment system helps in seamless online transactions. There’s no centralized control or supervision of governments that can help in Bitcoin transactions. It operates on cryptography and P2P software.


It is the digital form of a permanent ledger that contains only the verified transactions on cryptocurrencies. This advanced technology helps the participants to have a secured transaction without worrying about checking by any central authority. A blockchain consists of sequential blocks that hold transaction records that can’t be changed.


This is the digital form of currency or asset used to buy and sell items. Users opt for digital signatures and let others know that the transaction is real to keep your transactions secured.

Cold storage

This physical storing device stores your crypto coins in offline mode with safety. Alternatively named as cold wallet, this helps in safeguarding your cryptocurrency from theft.

Exchanges / Trading platforms

These are online marketplaces where users trade cryptocurrencies according to the market value. For hassle-free buying and selling of crypto coins, traders use trading platforms loaded with advanced technology that best suits the need of traders. Coinbase, Crypto.com, Binance, Kraken, Bittrex, etc. These days, numerous crypto traders heavily use one of the popular trading platforms named bitcoin in uber for obtaining safe trading.


This is an investment strategy in the cryptocurrency world. It stands for ‘hold on for dear life’, i.e. instead of selling the tokens, holding on to the coins in the belief of value increase.


This process involves the verification of new cryptocurrency transactions. After mining, new coins are minted and bought into the crypto market.

Public Key

It is the address of your wallet. Like your bank account number, you are likely to share the public key with others who will make transactions through your account after you approve them.


It is a place where cryptocurrencies or tokens are stored. The digital exchanges offer the users varied crypto wallets. Wallets are mainly of two types, hot wallets and cold wallets. Hot wallets are mainly software-based and can be easily accessed. On the other hand, cold wallets are offline based and store your digital assets more securely.


There are some prerequisites like securing an emergency fund, being equipped with a retirement plan, and others like that you might consider before getting your money into the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Experts always recommend investing as little as 5% of your holdings into these highly risky digital assets. Ensure you are well aware of your ultimate takings, as the crypto investment differs from conventional stock trading. As the crypto market is always evolving, you have to take guidance from experienced investors for getting hold of verified transactions. Be ready with strong strategies for your investments and avoid losing all of your holdings.


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