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Instagram Can Give You More Surprise

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Furthermore, to increase the chances of this person becoming your follower, you must be able to communicate something that characterizes you and that makes you unique.

So make an effort to be appealing, innovative, and to express who you are and what sets you apart from others right away.

Your Instagram bio is comprised of three elements:

  • The profile picture
  • The text of the Bio
  • The link

Here’s How To Make Them Palatable:

The profile photo is the one that makes the most impression. Use a captivating image, such as a corporate emblem or a close-up of your face with a prominent face, that is in accordance with your Instagram account.

NEVER use low-quality photos or landscape photographs or abstract stuff if you want to get more free Instagram likes.

In the text of the bio, you can write something about yourself. Avoid blocks of text. Prefer a bulleted list where you can enter only keywords accompanied by emojis.

Finally the link. Add a link within the bio, for example, that of your Facebook page or your website/blog (if you have one). Follow my example and play it safe! You can embrace more free Instagram followers.

Post Quality Photos

The second step is to populate your Instagram profile with a lot of high-quality content. Nobody will follow a profile with only two or three photographs or images of poor quality.

The first thing to do is to upload about 15 – 20 of your best images. If you don’t have a lot of photographs, start with this one and make sure they’re good. How can you expect to grow your following if you don’t have the most essential thing? Photos and videos are at the core of Instagram; how can you expect to grow your following if you don’t have the most important thing?

I advise you to deepen the topic: I wrote a guide on how to create valuable content for Instagram, read it

Another crucial aspect is to distinguish yourself from the throng and develop your own personal style. Stand apart from the crowd once you’ve decided on a niche (travel, food, lifestyle, tattoos, etc.). In the vast majority of situations, consumers are presented with identical profiles.

In this way, I have shown you how even in super “nasty” macro niches like food it is possible to create an original profile with a unique style different from the crowd.

Tell me the truth … the profiles of chefs or restaurants that you may have seen so far weren’t all the same? All with photos of dishes seen from above? … photos that I bet you would never like

If you are good at inventing your own style, the results in terms of an increase in followers and engagement (likes, comments, and video views) will be guaranteed.

Connect Your Instagram Account To Facebook

By connecting your Instagram account to Facebook, the application will allow you to follow all your friends on Facebook (consider that today about 70% of the people who have Facebook are on Instagram) and therefore you will have the possibility to be followed by your friends on Instagram. Your Instagram followers free will increase.

Also by connecting the account, Facebook will send a notification to all your friends informing them of your subscription to Instagram.

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