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Essential Tips for Call of Duty: Warzone Plunder

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Warzone Plunder

Probably the most intriguing game and the most played game is Call of Duty. Thousands of players all over the world dream about winning the lobby matches every single day. With more than 100 million players all over the globe, Call of Duty Warzone plunder has no intention to stop. 

However, many game enthusiasts have ceased to play because of their failure. And what they do not realize is that there are a few tricks necessary for staying longer in the game and even winning the same. 

Worry not, for we are here. If you are also of the clueless clan, here are some fantastic tips for you to be successful at the game. Become a pro in a blink!

Quick To The Battlefield

If you can land on the Battleground quickly, there are chances you can shorten the time of the tasks. You may be the fastest to the ground by deploying the parachute prior to going back to the free-fall mode. If you keep your parachute deployed all the time, there are fair chances that you might be a bit slow. And if you can be the first one to touch the land, you may find better equipment that can help you stay longer in the game. 

Kill Before Landing

In battle royale games, a lot of players are accommodated together. A golden rule to ace the art of Call of Duty is to destroy your enemy before taking any action. It is best if you can kill your rivals before landing. They will not get any chance to touch the ground, and hence they are technically killed prior to action. For doing that, you need to cut your parachute for a second and shoot your enemies before deploying the parachute again.

Sophisticated Tools

To slay in Battleground, you must remember one thing. Great equipment means a great game. Hence, you may consider purchasing essential items from a standard buy station. The tools may include a UAV that helps you navigate the map well so that you and all other teammates are not confused. If the UAV is used by three players at a time, all other players are visible. 

Hold on! If you are eager to buy some fantastic tools and want to know more about these, check out Battlelog.co.


The Warzone of Call of Duty is somewhat different from other Battle Royale games. Unlike the others, the shields in this game do not comprise special helmets or protective gear. Instead, they come in armor plates that a player has to wear or apply under their uniform. A single-player may take up to 3 plates at once to increase the safety of a fight. Each player can store up to five plates, and in case you are reaching down on your health pool, you may borrow it from other mates. But make sure you are applying for one. 

Use Ping

There is this excellent feature of Ping in Warzone. The Ping is vital. It assists you with pointing enemies and arranges the loot. It is an approach to advise your teammates regarding what’s around them. Remember to double-tap the Ping key to warn your squad about a close rival.

Exploit the Gulag

One of the most intriguing parts of Call of Duty is the Gulag. Even if you die in the game, technically, you can come back. Unless you fail near the end of the game, you are sent to a jail called Gulag, and there you will be engaged in a one-on-one gunfight to rejoin the game. And even if you die, your team members can repurchase you if they have the money. So, try to ace the Gulag!

Final Thoughts

Well, millions and billions of players are plunging into the Warzone plunder of Call of Duty all over the world. And they all have claimed this game to be super fun. But to be honest, if you are new to this field and completely clueless, then being hesitant is quite normal. But once you ace the techniques, you can go from being a newbie to a pro in just a snap. But knowing the pro tips for winning is more than necessary here. Hence, follow the above rules carefully. Apply them in your gameplay and see the magic. Do not lose hope and keep playing.

Good luck!

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