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Helping Children With Disabilities Be Their Best Selves

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Children with Disabilities

Around 15% of the world’s population are living with a disability, and between 93 million and 150 million of them are children. This number is increasing owing to population growth, and the United Nations reports that around 90% of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school.

If you have a child with a disability, it is important to be an advocate for their rights from the very beginning. By ensuring their rights are met, and by being proactive in areas such as schooling and social integration, you can help your child to grow in confidence, and help them set achievable goals that will enable them to flourish.

Fighting For Your Child’s Legal Rights

Sometimes, children experience traumatic birth injuries, resulting in disabilities such as cerebral palsy (CP), and in some cases, medical negligence is to blame. CP can be the result of a doctor’s failure to identify and treat infection, to identify signs of oxygen deficiency, or to schedule a cesarean birth on time.

Children can be entitled to significant compensation, which can be crucial when it comes to accessing a wider array of treatments, accessing top and innovative therapies, and purchasing top technology and assistive devices that can make day-to-day life easier – think smart home systems, adapted vehicles for disabled drivers, and high-tech electronic communication boards.

Choosing The Best School For Your Child

Research both online and in-person to find the school where you think your child will be supported and encouraged. Some schools may have special programs and therapies (such as speech therapy, therapy for dyslexia, occupational therapy, and counseling), which may be a big boon to your child’s education.

In some countries, children with special needs are legally entitled to an individualized education plan, and in some cases, tuition payment assistance is provided for children with disabilities who attend private schools. Use the Internet and phone to narrow down your list of schools to visit, and get to know the principal and staff to get a feel for their level of commitment to children with special needs.

Once your child is at school, build a close relationship with teachers, counselors, therapists, and any other team members who may be helping your child. This will enable you to share techniques that work, and give both you and the team vital information that can boost better interaction with your child.

Opportunities For Social Interaction

Joining a support group focused on your child’s disability is a magnificent way to obtain information on everything from top schools to professionals and programs that may benefit your child. Support groups often organize social play days, barbecues, and other parties that both parents and children can enjoy.

Enrolling yourself in a social skills program (so you can model what you have learned for your child) can be very helpful if your child has ADHD, as these courses focus on how to interpret social cues, understand irony, and interpret body language.

You can also arrange playdates with other families who are sympathetic to the challenges your child may have. Make playdates with children with the same interests and hobbies as your child, and provide a little information to the child’s parents without overloading them.

Millions of families across the globe are caring for a child with a disability. Parents should advocate for their children from the start, ensuring their legal rights are met. They should also take time to choose schools that support and encourage their child’s growth, and make playdates so their children can interact with others who share their interests.

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