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5 Astonishing Ways COVID-19 Has Changed How We Design Our Homes

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A huge takeaway the country can reflect on from the pandemic is that we, as a nation, have had to adapt to the challenges thrown at us. One of the ways we’ve had to adapt is finding ways to make our homes a little more functional, more spacious, and enjoyable. The pandemic, in essence, has changed the home design to suit those very needs.

If you’re thinking about buying a new house or renovating your existing home, here are a few home design ideas that’ll be in demand in 2020. Homelight surveyed top-selling real estate agents what were the most common changes homeowners were making, and their answers are revealed in the 2020 Q4 survey.

Here’s a brief rundown of those home design trends.

  1. Home Offices Need to be Stylish and Functional

Remote work looks like it is going to be a permanent fixture across many industries. Those who are able to work from home are vying for a private area where they can do their work in peace without worrying about being distracted. But, not only do they want a functional home office, they want an office that is enjoyable to be in. They’re investing in nicer furniture, better organization units, and even creating custom built-ins for that extra touch.

  1. Outdoor Living Spaces Are Getting a Big Makeover

When you’re relegated to being at home for the better part of a year, of course, you’re going to get cabin fever! However, if you have a backyard (or any yard space), you at least have the ability to get some fresh air and stretch your legs.

Homeowners are eager to transform their yards into another living space. They’re turning their patios in lovely dining spaces. They’re creating gardens for fresh fruits and veggies. They’re cultivating flower beds, taking great care of the lawn, and even planting new trees!

  1. Homeowners Want in-ground Swimming Pools

Not only are homeowners working to make their outdoor space more enjoyable to spend some time in, but they’re also investing in in-ground swimming pools. The pools are a great addition to any home because you can swim, get some exercise and sunbathe without schlepping to the beach – if and whenever they reopen fully.

Before you go all in and start construction on your in-ground pool, you need to think about the long-term costs associated with the pool. Then you’ll need to decide if the upkeep is worth the hassle and the meager 7% added value the pool adds to your home.

  1. Multipurpose Rooms Are Highly Sought After

Homeowners who have small living spaces are looking for ways to maximize the space they have. They’re turning a guest room into a home office. They’re putting up screens to create a space for working and studying in the living room. They’re even going so far as to finish the attic or basement to create a larger room to serve several purposes.

  1. Families Need Multigenerational Rooms For Extended Family

The pandemic has caused families to bring extended family members into their homes. They’re pulling elderly family members from retirement homes. College-age students cannot live on campus and are at home and some families are even housing friends! The need for added space where these additional people can have some privacy is making homeowners consider adding multigenerational living spaces that could be as simple as adding a bathroom to an existing room. Some folks are even spending the big bucks to build a full-on addition!

Families across the nation are trying to cope with the challenges the pandemic has presented. Homeowners are investing in their homes and making changes that will add value, appeal, and functionality. We believe these home design trends are going to be here for the long-term and when it comes time to sell, it’ll draw in more interested buyers!

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