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Tips For A Healthy Heart: Prevent Heart Disease

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Heart diseases

Heart diseases are becoming more common than ever before. The triggering factors are climate, diet, and lifestyle. Unless you are ready to make specific changes in your lifestyle, you won’t leave this heart disease chapter behind. However, there are some accompanying risk factors that you can’t change, such as family history, age, and genetics, but there are some that you can to get your life back on track.

For the appropriate treatments of heart diseases, the best cardiac hospitals in Bangalore are highly beneficial. Following are some of the most incredible tips that can lead to a healthy heart and eventually taking control of your life back.

Preventive Methods

1. Controlling Your Portion Size

Portion size is important when you want to become healthier and lead a better life. Instead of filling your plate with all kinds of things and eating until you are full, try practising the portion size in your life. This way, you will be able to grow a handle on how many calories you eat.

Keep track of the number of portions you eat throughout the day and try to eat in a small bowl, which will subconsciously trick your mind into believing that you have eaten enough. Try to consume your food in the form of a dedicated serving size; it is a learned skill, and you can’t practice it right away. You might need to consider the use of measuring cups, spoons, and scales to design your diet.

2. Cardio Is Necessary

You need to keep in mind that exercise is essential, and you should plan your whole day accordingly. Take, for example, the morning time; it is incredibly soothing and refreshing. You can take a walk outside, or you can start at your home with some feasible cardio exercises to get the day started.

You can also hop on a mini BMX and take a tour of your city which will help in cardio training and will also make you feel refreshed.

3. Limiting Unhealthy Fats

Limiting the amount of saturated and trans (bad) fat is the key to staying healthy and keeping your heart in the best possible shape. It will help you maintain cholesterol levels in your diet, thus lowering the risk of coronary diseases. Atherosclerosis is a common problem associated with the partial or complete blocking of arteries due to plaque deposits. It can eventually increase the risk of heart attacks while putting your daily life in jeopardy.

The use of mono-saturated fats, such as canola and olive oil, is the best way to move forward. These pose less damage to providing your body with Trans-fat and higher cholesterol levels, thus keeping everything in the optimum range. Use all kinds of fat in moderation if you want to grow a handle on your heart’s overall health and lead a happy and risk-free life. The best cardiac hospital in Bangalore will offer you the appropriate advice for eating habits as well.

4. Avoiding The Use of Tobacco

Cigarette and tobacco use is never a good thing for your heart. Not only will it deteriorate the functioning and health of your heart, but it also affects your arteries and blood flow. The chemicals that rise in tobacco smoke once inhaled affect the lung’s capacity to uptake oxygen.

It leads to less oxygenated blood production and deteriorates the normal functioning of the heart. Your heart requires fully oxygenated blood to stay healthy and provide the rest of the body with normal blood flow.

You should also skip tobacco use altogether because heart muscles lose their potential and efficiency when pumping blood. It has to exert more energy to provide enough blood to your body and mind, which leads to rapid deterioration.

5. Vegetables And Fruits

Eating healthy is the key to staying healthy as these are a great source of vitamins and minerals. These are rich in dietary fibers and provide sufficient calories as well. If you strategize accordingly, you will cut back on other calories obtained from eating high-calorie food. It will help you cut back on carbs and other lipid-based food, including fast food and snacks.

The best way to consume fruits and vegetables is to prepare them beforehand so you can get an instant bite whenever you want. Keep vegetables fresh by dicing them and keeping them closed in dedicated food containers for an instant snack. In the case of fruits, you should keep them in a bowl in your refrigerator so you can remember to eat them from time to time.



Living with a heart condition is way worse than making a few subtle changes in your daily life. Skipping a few things from your diet and exercising will positively affect your life while keeping your heart healthy and fit.

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