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Get Rid of The Connection Error in Apex Royale: Here is How?

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Apex Royale

The new battle royale game Apex legends officially release, the company got several complaints from the game lovers claiming that the game has a lot of errors and bugs. As excited as the game lovers were to enjoy the new release of the game, they felt devastated with the interruptions these bugs and errors caused. There was a frantic search on the internet to find a tutorial that helps solve the “Connection to server timed out” problem and hence we decided to come up with this guide. By the end of this guide, you will be able to fix the “Connection to server timed out” issue and enjoy Apex Legends without any interruption.

The error information appears below:

! ERROR. Connection to server timed out. See ea.com/unable-to-connect for additional information

Let us find out how to fix this issue.

How to fix Connection error in Apex Legends?

As the error is related to connection problems, here are a few tips we recommend to solve the issue.

  • Close the game and restart your computer

One of the simplest ways to try and get over the issue is closing the game and restarting your computer. It is very much possible that some applications or programs might be blocking the network access. When you restart the PC, it will end all such processes. This will allow you to start the game normally.

  • Investigate the network connection

Your network connection may be the culprit for you getting the “Connection to server timed out” error. As Apex Legends is an online game it needs network connectivity to transfer the game data to the servers without any time-loss. The speed and consistency of your internet connection is a must to ensure that the game runs smoothly and steadily.

Whether you are using the Ethernet or Wi-Fi, make sure that the connectivity is great. As more Wi-Fi users have reported the connection error problem than the Ethernet users, it is recommended to check your signal strength every now and then.

  • Try ‘Run as Administrator” option:

This trick works a lot of time. It is simple to use as you just need to close the game and then use the Origin launcher option. There will be an icon on your system tray which you can check and close if required. Now, right-click on the Origin Icon, click on Run as Administrator. A pop-up window will appear with Yes and No as choices. Click on Yes for access as an Administrator.

  • Clear your cache files:

A lot of Apex Legends players have confirmed that clearing the cache files have helped them get rid of a variety of issues related to the game. The issues that can be successfully resolved by clearing the cache files include “game stuck while downloading”, “error while updating”, “waiting for downloading”, etc. You can easily clear the cache files from a range of platform including PC, Xbox and Game Station. Here is how you can clear the cache files from your PC to resolve the issue:

  • Quit the game. To log out of the game completely, you must exit the game using the icon on the system tray. You can locate it on the bottom right corner.
  • Launch the RUN feature. To start it, press Win+R buttons. In the RUN window type %ProgramData%/Origin, then press the OK button.
  • Now you will get access to the Origin Folder which has a lot of folders in it. These subfolders contain the cache files. Delete all of them except the folder named LocalContent.
  • Again start the RUN feature by pressing Win+R buttons.
  • In the RUN window, type %AppData % and press OK. This will take you to the AppData/Roaming Press the back button and there will be folder named “Local”.
  • Open the Local folder. It will show you a folder named Origin. Delete the Origin folder.

Now you will not have any cache files of Apex Legends on your PC. Restart the PC and then launch the game. We are sure the issues must have resolved.


It is a well-known fact that the connection issues are connected with EA servers most of the times. You can always use the above-mentioned tips to resolve the issues and have a great experience playing the game. While you try these tips, we hope that the Apex Legends network engineers do their bit to resolve the issues at their end at the first place.

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