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Conducting SEO Competitive Analysis to Refine Your Strategy

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As Australia’s most populous city, Sydney holds a high reputation for having a diverse community, unique lifestyle, high quality of living, and a strong business environment. It is known for being a global city and is able to compete with other cities around the world, constantly appearing among some of the top rankings in terms of global influence. With its stable economy and wide talent pool, you can be assured that Sydney is one of the best places to do business.

As a result, you may notice SEO Sydney services becoming more and more common nowadays. Since competition is increasing in the market, business owners are continuously seeking ways to stand out and capture the attention of their customers. With SEO, you can boost your online visibility and capture a larger audience. However, now that SEO is a household name in the marketing world, businesses are all trying to jump in the bandwagon.

You may not realize it, but having competitors that use SEO can work to your advantage, particularly through competitive analysis. Get to know more about what it is and how it can help you refine your SEO strategy to increase your conversions.

What is SEO Competitive Analysis?

Competitive analysis is an essential aspect of SEO, and its goal is to determine what strategies are working and not working for others. Before you get on to formulating your SEO strategy, it would be useful to look into your competitors and see what they are doing. Check out what keywords they are using, how they are faring in terms of search rank, and how well their site is performing as a whole.

By running a competitive analysis, you can better understand what you must include in your company’s SEO strategy. The process also helps you streamline the planning process since you can see actual results generated by practices done by other businesses. For these reasons, competitor analysis is typically done whenever you are doing a site audit to reassess your marketing strategy.

How to Conduct Competitive Analysis?

If you are getting SEO Sydney services from an agency, you can get help on this process. Generally, however, the process involves looking for your top competitors, finding what keywords they use, then analyzing their site and content. Knowing what sites rank in your keywords gives you an idea of who your competitors are and allow you to check for the keywords that they are targeting.

However, looking at keywords alone is not enough, so it is usually advisable to look into a company’s profile more comprehensively. Look into their metadata to see if they utilize meta descriptions and alt texts, and check out their link building strategy to assess how many sites link back to them. Content is also a crucial ranking factor for Google, so you can also analyze your competitor’s content to see what they bring to the table.

Once you have done all this, you may be wondering: What then? Should you utilize the same strategies to achieve the same rankings and results? While you can get inspiration from successful practices that you have observed, you must also consider how your business may differ from competitors. For example, in terms of building links, you cannot be assured of how other businesses acquired their links. Thus, it will still be best to take the time looking for high-quality links that can establish your site’s authority.

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