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Why Online Marketing Is Vital for Your Fitness Studio

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So you’ve finally opened that fitness studio you’ve always dreamed of. You’ve rented the building, set up the equipment, planned all the classes, and maybe even hired an extra instructor or two. You’ve got a few customers, but you have room for many more. Despite weeks, months, or even years of waiting, though, you’re not filling up your class rosters. You’ve stapled ads to the community bulletin board and sent out several rounds of leaflets, but the problem persists. What now?

The problem may lie in your approach to marketing. In today’s world, your studio needs an online presence and online marketing to support it. Below are four reasons why you should consider implementing online marketing for your fitness business as soon as possible, and how fitness management software can help you amplify its effects.

1. It Helps Customers Find You

Let’s be honest – no one reads the newspaper’s classified section anymore. More and more of our lives are taking place online, and that includes the ways we find businesses. Online marketing makes it easy for people who are interested in joining a fitness class in your area to discover your studio. Whether you choose to use pay-per-click ads, email marketing, content marketing and SEO, or some combination of techniques, you’re sure to secure more customers

For best results, consider integrating fitness instructor software like Gymcatch. This scheduling software offers features like a booking system that allows would-be customers to reserve sessions with you and your staff and even pay for those bookings right there on your website.

2. It Works 24/7

You can only spend so many hours a day staffing your studio, but you never know when a potential customer might want to reserve a spot in one of your fitness classes. Luckily, online marketing has no time-based restrictions; interested people can always find you online, even in the middle of the night.

This is another reason why it’s a good idea to use scheduling software that your customers can access your website. People can use a booking system like this to purchase services from your studio immediately no matter what time it is when they discover you and without needing help from any reception staff. This is not just convenient; it’s also a strategic business move. The lack of barriers involved in this process helps you to secure purchases from people who might have changed their minds or forgotten about your studio if they had had to wait to buy from you.

3. It Makes Running Promotions Easy

Sometimes you need to offer prospective customers a deal in order to get them to buy from you. Offering some sort of discount lets people who are on the fence about your studio try it out with less financial risk, which makes them more likely to do so. However, it can be tricky to set up these types of deals when you’re just hoping the right people come across your offer. It’s impossible to fit all of your pricing information onto a poster, and if you choose a single deal to focus on for each one, some potential customers will still be left out.

Online marketing with fitness management software is the solution you need. With this approach, it’s easy to offer different packages and bundle services as well as discounts and promotional offers. Want to let new members bring a friend to their first class for free? You can do that. Want to offer the option to attend a single class or sign up for ongoing classes at a slightly lower price? You can do that as well. It all takes just a few clicks to set up and can be activated (or deactivated) at any time in mere seconds.

4. It Lets You Track Your Results and See What Works

It can be difficult to know exactly how much business you’ve gained by sending out a neighbourhood flyer or posting an ad in a local café. There is no way to collect data on marketing methods like these except by surveying your customers at the point of sale, and because you can’t reasonably force anyone to answer, this is still not likely to provide you with reliable results.

Online marketing is all digital, though, so getting information like this is easy. Real-time data tracking and report-building tools to help you discover which of the ads, promotions, and other marketing techniques you’re using are bringing in customers. Over time, you can refine your marketing strategies and build on the promotions and campaigns that you know have gotten results. This should attract even more customers to your business and help your studio grow and prosper.

Once again, you can make things even easier for yourself by using fitness instructor software such as Gymcatch. With detailed customer records that include information on all of that individual’s past spending at your studio, you can easily identify which customers are regular spenders and which might be enticed to spend more with a small incentive like a discount code. You can also quickly view reports that break down individual team members’ performance or show you which days and time slots are the most popular for classes. Information like this can help you make smart decisions about the future of your business.

Give Your Fitness Studio the Marketing Boost it Needs

It doesn’t matter how good your fitness studio is no one knows about it. Online marketing has the potential to help just about any business grow, but entrepreneurs in the fitness industry can pair this technique with fitness management software to achieve even greater results. Get started on this initiative today and you’ll soon see the difference for yourself.

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