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10 Effective Ways to Add Value to Your Car

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When you purchase your dream car, its value starts depreciating as soon as you drive off for the first time.

The depreciation is further accelerated depending on a number of factors such as your driving habits, routine car maintenance, which products you use on it, and the condition of the roads.

There are many aftermarket ways you add value to your car. A few tweaks here and there are not just likely to reflect your personality and add value but make a gratifying and pleasurable project.

But, can aftermarket changes affect your car’s value? 

Well, it depends. 

Although the changes you make may be great for you, they may be very off-putting to others, especially when you try to sell the car in the future.

As such, choosing the wrong car extras may cause your car’s worth to plummet while the right tweaks may add to its value.

Which tweaks add value to your car?

1.Keep It Original

Many people, especially younger car owners, love customizing their cars with loud accessories that attract attention. 

However, such customized parts may decrease their value. Unless you don’t plan on ever reselling your car, avoid heavy customization.

Fix old parts with new original parts to maintain value while retaining their safety and functionality.

For the finishing touches, add parts that balance between functionality and beauty.

For example, adding grilles may have an aesthetic appeal, but they play a crucial role in cooling off the engine and protecting the vehicle’s body during an accident.

2.Embrace Interior And Exterior Cleanliness

Give your exterior and interior a thorough cleaning frequently. 

Get professional car detailing done to remove dirt and debris in every nook and cranny, especially the often-overlooked places like footwells, undercarriage, and trunk. 

Cleanliness is associated with care and this will help maintain and add value to your car. 

For DIY car cleaning, follow these steps.


  • Remove all things: Clear out any stuff on the boot, floor, and things like air-fresheners and dangling items on the rear mirror. These items may prevent you from cleaning those areas. If possible, keep the interior looking factory-standard and generic.
  • Vacuum all carpeted surfaces: Take your vacuum head off and use the Flexi pipe to clean the carpeted surfaces. For stubborn stains, use carpet cleaner or spray but for filthy ones, invest in professional cleaning.
  • Wipe and polish the dashboard, door handles and steering wheel, and other surfaces.
  • Clean inside windows: Grab some glass cleaner and cloth and wipe off any muck or fingerprints that have built-up on the inside windows. Remember to wipe multimedia screens and instrument clusters.


  • Open the doors wide and clean the painted surfaces around the door openings.
  • Close the doors and hose the car off: Instead of starting with sponge washing, hose off the car. This removes loose dirt while reducing the chances of scratching.
  • Sponge wash: Use the correct car washing liquid and a soft sponge to clean off grime, including inside the wheels. Hose off the car to remove all soap.
  • Dry the car using a soft and dry cloth. This reduces the chances of having watermarks on paintwork and windows.
  • Apply polish: Applying some polish will make the paintwork look good and shiny. Don’t forget to brighten up your headlights by ensuring the covers are clean and clear.
  • Many car engine bay components have plastic covers. Pop the hood/bonnet and clean them using re-conditioning cleaner and cloth.

3. Invest in Tires and Wheels

The correct set of tires with matching alloys increases the car’s value while positively impacting your car’s handling and performance. 

Instead of buying tires in bits, opt to buy all four simultaneously and of the same brand. For dented, missing scratched, and bent wheels caps, get them repaired or replaced.

Remember to give tires and wheels some love by washing them to remove dust and grime. Apply some tire shine to give them a newer look.

4. Install Anti-theft And Alarm System

Most cars don’t come with an anti-theft or alarm system, so installing one will enhance your car’s value and make it more appealing to future buyers.

A vehicle with an alarm system has enhanced safety, a major factor when calculating your insurance costs, and attracts reduced premiums than one without an alarm system.

More so, with a smartphone application, you can remotely control your car security, thus giving you peace of mind.

5. Preserve The Paint Job

Faded paint decreases your car’s value. 

One of the best ways of preserving your car paint is by applying a ceramic coating.   

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to external car paint to protect it from damage. It blends with your car’s paint creating a hydrophobic protective layer. 

Due to the new layer and chemical bonding, the paint job remains intact, free from stain marks, grime, and dirt. 

Some benefits of ceramic coating include

  • Protecting your car from the sun harmful UV rays
  • Preventing acidic chemical contaminants from polluting your car paint
  • Makes car cleaning easy and fun
  • Aesthetically pleasing with its glossy finish.

6. Adopt Technology

The influx of technology has changed our daily operations, so installing your car with technology features like an infotainment system and GPS amplifies its value.

Install the infotainment system with Bluetooth, voice-activated technologies like Siri, WiFi, and a wireless charging system. Set up GPS for quick navigation and a reverse camera for safety.

7. Get Leather Seats

Leather seats are comfortable and look good.

Fitting your car with leather seats adds value while making cleaning easier. However, choose another color besides dark leather since it attracts heat.

8. Fix-It Up

Replace any damaged components as soon as they break down. 

Work on the damaged lights or cracked windshield, scratches, and dents. Always check out the warning light on the dashboard and repair it in a timely manner to prevent future problems and value.

9. Service Your Car Regularly

Regularly servicing your car prevents unwanted breakdowns.

Check engine oil and inspect it for metal fragments and impurities that may indicate engine wear. Remember, oil is like blood in a body, thus, ensures it is clean and not too thick for optimal running of your car.

During service, check the suspension, brakes, tire pressure, wipers, and lights. Also, check the fuel and air filters for unwanted foreign particles that may cause combustion problems. Whether full service or oil service, ensure all fluids get checked for leaks. 

Keep a detailed maintenance schedule. This proves your car is mechanically healthy, thus boosting its value.

10. Embrace Physical Protection

Cars need protection from physical attacks like animals, elements, and weather. 

A garage is ideal but if you do not have access to one, buying a cover will be the next best thing. Harsh weather (hail, snow, and sun), scratches and dents from falling tree branches, bird droppings, can wreak havoc on your car.

A physically protected car means a higher value.

Bottom Line

Knowing the extras to add to your car is the focal point of increasing its value. Do some or all the above methods to ensure your car’s value is maintained and increased.  

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