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Increase Your Home’s Value with These 8 Home Renovation Tips

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With the growth in the UK housing market, the measure of property value is turning positive. Most homeowners are optimistic that their properties will continue to add value in the foreseeable future. However, if you plan to sell the family home sooner, the anticipated growth in your property’s value could be way too far from materialising. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to upgrade your house without embarking on expensive remodelling. Making smart renovations and keeping up with some repairs are some of the proven strategies for improving home value in a short span of time. Here are some renovation tips worth considering for the increase in your property’s value.

1. Remodel the Kitchen

Kitchens are probably the most frequented rooms in any given house, which is why they are highlighted the most by prospective buyers. That makes your kitchen the number-one priority for renovation. Remodelling your kitchen can be as simple as replacing the cabinet hardware and homewares or updating the kitchen appliances. If you are to refresh your kitchen paint, be sure to use neutral colours to appeal to as many buyers as possible. While it is crucial to consider the cost of remodelling versus the value, the money you put into kitchen renovation will always find its way back to your wallet.

2.Repaint Your House

Repainting your house not only refreshes its appeal, but it also goes a long way in lifting its mood. If you have a flexible budget, you might want to hire professionals to get the repainting done. Specialist painters have the knowledge and experience of working for multiple homeowners, and they understand well what is best for a moving house. However, if you are going with the DIY approach, then you must exercise absolute care on how you go about the painting. Tackling a room at a time would be the best strategy for this approach. Again, buyers would want to visualise themselves living in your house, which is why you must be careful with the colours. While bright colours might appeal to your tastes, they might not augur well with new homeowners.

3. Refresh Your Property’s Entrance

If you are planning to sell a family home at a good price, then you must invest in giving potential buyers the best first impression. Here is where refreshing your property’s entrance comes in handy. Do some finishing touches and add attractive artwork along the entryway to make it more welcoming. Also, repair all the broken pavers (if there are any) and fix the chipped concrete steps. Another great way to refresh your entryway is by repainting the front door with an appealing colour and updating the entrance mat.

You might need some thorough cleaning around the entrance to give the impression that your house is well maintained. In fact, most estate agents focus on cleanliness and space when selling your property.

4. Reinvent an Office

The impact of coronavirus (Covid-19) has pushed most companies to give employees the option of working from home. This has become the new normal, a lifestyle that is likely to hold for the better part of this new decade. As demand for housing continues to grow, most people now consider a house office a basic necessity. If you are moving house soon, consider reinventing the extra room or space you have into an office. This will be quite a great addition to the value of your house, something that will give you leverage in the market during property sale.

5. Deck Addition

It has been proven that adding a deck to your property increases its value significantly, placing you in a position to recoup up to about 90% of your investment during property sale. Outdoor living spaces are becoming quite desirable today, and having one in your property is more than likely to appeal to every prospective buyer. If you decide to add a deck to your property, you will need a lot of time to plan and develop a design that works well for potential buyers. Getting a renovation mortgage can help you fund the installation costs of a deck.

6. Update Your Bathrooms

Just like kitchens, bathrooms are crucial parts of any given house. If your bathrooms are outdated, you could be putting off good-willed cash buyers for houses. Revamping your bathrooms and all their amenities can be quite a boost to the value of your house. On the other hand, if your home does not have enough bathrooms, then it is time to add some. Apparently, adding a new bathroom can see you recoup up to 130% of your total investment. Estate agents also take overall space and amenities into consideration when selling your house.

7. Work on Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, cash buyers for houses take energy efficiency into consideration when purchasing any given house. If your monthly utilities are high, potential buyers are likely to shy away from procuring your property. Energy efficiency is, therefore, critical if you want to sell your house fast. You can liaise with your utility company to update you on your property’s energy status. You can also consider adding energy-efficient windows. These windows are built to cut on heating and cooling costs. Check with local utility companies to ascertain specific details on energy-efficient windows, such as installation costs and window types.

8.Add More Space

Space has a huge impact on a property’s value. Adding more space to your house would be a bigger win than revamping or updating your homewares. And even if mortgage lenders and valuers do not acknowledge the value of more space, buyers will.


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