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What Is Alkaline Skincare For Sensitive Skin?

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Alkaline Skincare

Everyone wants to feel beautiful, making the health and look of their skin a major concern for them. A sensitive skin that easily reacts to changes can be irritating, uncomfortable, and at times painful. Sensitivity leads to the affected person seeking a skincare routine that fits them and their personality. While it is easy to get a product for the skin, it is important to understand the human skin and how the potential of Hydrogen pH affects it. This would inform the decision making greatly.

The Potential of Hydrogen (pH) and The Human Skin

What is pH?

pH or the potential of hydrogen is simply a measurement of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution (the acidity or basicity of something). Water H2O is neutral because it has two ions H+ and-OH The more the hydrogen you add to water, the more acidic it gets, the lesser the hydrogen, the more alkaline it gets.

The Human Skin

The outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis, is responsible for giving the skin its color, protecting the body, and creating new cells. These skin cells, that are generated at the bottom, move up to the surface where they die and peel off after a while.

The topmost part of the epidermis (dead skin cells) has a pH value of 5, followed by a middle part with a pH of about 6.9 and the lowest part having a pH value of about 7.5 that is the value of the body’s pH. How these parts are treated is what determines how healthy the skin of someone is. They have different pH values meaning they have to be taken care of differently.

Skincare Products

There are both acidic and alkaline(basic) skincare products. There is a misconception that there is a need to take care of the acidic nature of the skin as it is not favorable for fungi and bacteria to live. This though is not the case since the outermost layer of the skin is made of dry cells that are not acidic.

Below we discuss why alkaline skincare routines are better and why Sond skin products and the best.

Alkaline Skincare Products

For healthy moisturized skin the focus should be on the lowest part of the epidermis, where skin cells are generated, and the tissues that lie just below them.

As discussed earlier, this part of the skin is basic thus using alkaline products creates a conducive environment for the generation and well-being of the cells and underlying tissues.

Sond(sondskin.co.uk), a British skincare brand, has come up with an array of alkaline skincare products for those with problematic sensitive skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Alkaline Products?

Conducive For Healthy Skin Cells

As discussed, the lowest part of the epidermis has a natural pH of about 7.4 which is alkaline. For cells to function well and stay healthy the environment has to be maintained alkaline. This enables the cells to concentrate on maintenance rather than duplication as its life is more prolonged and protected from environmental hazards.

Furthermore, alkaline products supply nutrients to the cells. The cells are with tissues through which nutrients and toxins are transported. If the toxins become concentrated they stress out cells making it hard for the cells to take in nutrients.

Makes Skin Look Smooth

The connective tissues of the skin are responsible for the smooth look of skin. A pH of about 7.4 is most ideal for the strength of the proteins that make up the tissues. Thus alkaline products ensure that more hydrogen bonds for better strength.

Hydration of The Skin

Once the pH of the skin is optimal, the connective tissues work better. This helps the skin stay more hydrated because of the Improved adhesion of skin cells.

Natural Defence

Alkaline products contain alkaline salts that protect the skin from microorganisms. This is because they cannot live in high concentrations of salt.

NOTE: Contrary to misconception, alkaline skincare products do not dry up the skin as it does not contain emulsifiers like soaps.

Why Go For Sond Skin Products?

Sond is a leader in the development of alkaline skincare products for sensitive skin. Their products penetrate the outermost layer of the skin to give the lower part of the epidermis a conducive environment for skin cells to work better. A look at the brand’s website (sondskin.co.uk) shows 5 assortments of products that are day cream, night cream, serum, cleansing cream, and silica food supplements.

Although Full improvements can be noticed by the end of 4 weeks, changes after application of products differ from a person to another. The products achieve desired skin health and can be complemented with acidic based products without consequence

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