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4 Effective Tips For Sending A Holiday Photo Card

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I love holiday cards as they make me feel connected to family and friends who live far or those I don’t often meet. Creating and sending these cards could be overwhelming but don’t you worry, Mixbook comes in handy when creating a holiday photo card. Here are tips for sending a holiday photo card that could help you even when you are busy.

1. Send Out Cards Early

When sending your holiday card to many recipients, it could be prudent to create and send the card ahead of the traffic experienced at the post office during the holidays. The recipient might also get enough time to reply to your card before the holidays are over. However, it does not mean that you have to kill yourself to get the first card delivered to your clients and family. I have learned that some postal services could offer discounts during the season, and if you are a risk-taker, you could send the card a day before the holiday to enjoy the discount. The only catch with sending your holiday card is that it might not arrive at the destination on time for the celebrations.

2.Use Filters to Create a Good Card

You could play with photo filters when creating your holiday card, and I realized that I could do one photo for the holidays and add many filter features that make it stand out. You may add style, orientation, foil colors to the filtered photo to create more effects and bring the spirit of the holiday to your season’s greetings card.

3.Keep a List of Addresses

A list of addresses could help you send the right photo to the correct recipients, and it could help if you had the addresses on Google drive. The contact list might be easily accessible if you might need it next time, making it easy for other uses. Every year you might need to scan the address list to see those that need updating and add new ones if your loved ones moved to new places.

4.Have the Addresses Printed On Each Card

Have the addresses printed on your holiday cards, especially if you are too busy to have them handwritten? It could also help if you customized the cards to suit each of your addresses. The envelopes could come with all the addresses for your recipients, and it becomes easy to sort out all your cards, which might reduce confusion during the busy holiday periods. It might be a time saver if your company sent the cards directly to the clients since it already has the addresses and customized message. You could also order for the stamps online, which could make it easy to send the cards directly to your loved ones.

The Bottom Line

You might not get enough time to create a holiday card, but Mixbook has your back. The site has clean designs with stock photos, and it allows for customization. You can create your holiday photos today on Mixbook and have them delivered to you on time, or sent directly to your loved ones.





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