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4 Ways To Keep Your Wall Paint Looking Fresh

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Every time you paint your walls, you think of keeping the paint looking new. Maintaining the interior walls is still easy, but what about your exterior walls?

If you are looking for ways to keep your wall paint looking fresh, then you have come to the right place.

Most homeowners worry about their new wall paint getting damaged due to stains and other outside elements. In this post, we will reveal some useful tips that can help you keep your wall paint new-like for a longer time. For those who are planning to paint their walls can check out Asian Paints Royale play for a selection of colors.

Tips To Maintain Your Wall Paint

Here are four useful tips that you can follow to make your wall paint last longer.

  1. Wash it wall-washing soap

Instead of using any ready-made washing soap, you can you’re your wall-washing soap.

Homemade washing soaps are considered to be better as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals to damage the paint. Here are two inexpensive mixtures that you can prepare at home. The items used are easily available at any nearby store.

  • Take one 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, 1 cup of borax, and mix it in 1 gallon of warm water. This will help you clean off stains from your walls effectively.
  • Take 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and 1 cup of ammonia and mix it in 1 gallon of water. This is the second mixture you can use to clean your wall paints.
  1. Wash high-traffic areas

Cleaning all the walls in your house can be a hectic task, especially when you have a bigger apartment. In this case, you can skip washing the entire apartment and focus only on the high-traffic areas in your house. in other words, the areas on the walls that are mostly touched or used.

The areas around thermostats and switches require occasional washing. Even the area behind your sofa, where you can find greasy spots. You should also focus on the walls behind any fixed electronics like refrigerators and TV. In some cases, plain dusting may not be enough, so you need to resort to washing the area. You can use the mixtures mentioned in the first point.

  1. Touch up is important

If you want your wall paints to look new like, then you need to touch up the damaged areas. You need to take care of scrapped paint as soon as it occurs. This will help you keep your wall paints looking fresh for longer.

  1. Dust your walls

The simplest way to maintain your wall paint is to dust them frequently. This is the easiest way to remove dust, cobwebs, and dirt from your walls. All you need is a cleaning cloth or duster to get your work done.

By following these methods, you can keep your wall paint looking fresh. If your paint is old and beyond maintenance, then you can change the wall texture design. A new texture design will change the look of your house.

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