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When to Replace Your Mattress?

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After a long, tiring day, all a person desire is good food and peaceful sleep. If you are a working person you may very well understand the importance of good sleep in your life. Various studies say that in today’s era of cut-throat competition in every field; most of the people are suffering from sleep disorders.

For every individual a peaceful sleep of 7 hours is essential. Sleep disorders can be caused due to various reasons. Mostly they are temporary and caused due to higher mental and physical stress levels. However, if the sleeping difficulties persist, the situation demands attention. There are various reasons for a sleep disorder, but the most common and most neglected reason is the use of the wrong sleep mattress.

A good sleeping mattress plays a very important role in your sleep cycle. If you are sleeping on a mattress that is not comfortable, there are high chances of sleep disorders. Have you ever analyzed this fact? If not, here we are to help you in identifying when to replace your mattress and how to select the best for your room?

Most of the products come with an expiry date or with the signs of tear and wear, but in the case of mattresses, it is tough to know the right time of replacement. Here are a few signs that might help you in identifying the replacement time of your mattress:

Sleepy – sleepy all day:

If you feel sleepy and dull all day your mattress has gone old.

Lumpy or worn-out mattress:

If you see lumps and saggy mattresses in your bed, it is sure that you need a replacement.

Better sleep on the couch:

If you find sleeping on the couch or the sofa better and more peaceful than sleeping in your bed, it is sure that your mattress has gone old and needs to be replaced.

Aches & Pains everywhere:

If you wake up in the morning and feel like beaten and your whole body aches your mattress has gone old.

While there are thousands of brands available in the market, buying the best mattress for your room may be a tough task.

1. Size:

The first and foremost step is to buy the best size mattress for your bed. There are many sizes available in the market. You may choose from the queen size mattress & king size mattress. The size should be decided as per the bed size.

2. Price:

Choose the right mattress with the best price. You may get cheap mattresses at a lesser price, but be careful as they do not have long durability.

3. Comfort:

This is a very important aspect as you will only be at peace at night if you have a comfortable mattress.

4. Brand:

It is important to have a background check of the brand associated with your mattress. A good brand mattress offers you better comfort and long life.


The type of mattress you want to buy is also important. You can buy a single mattress or a double mattress depending on your requirement and the size of your bed and room.

Do not rush into any decision while buying the mattress for your room. Take your time and buy the best after analyzing the above points. Happy sleeping!!

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