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Wall Yoga: What to Know Before You Practice

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Wall Yoga

There are ample reasons why you must include Yoga in your exercise routine. From muscle toning to enhanced flexibility and increase in body balancing, Yoga offers a myriad of health benefits. You can get easy relief from the stress in your life and relax your mind, body, and soul. While each Yoga style has its own benefits to extend, recently wall Yoga has gained great popularity. More and more yoga classes are using a wall as a prop to make tough yoga poses easier.

You must have seen Yoga experts use perform yoga poses with wall up straight the wall or for a more supported hamstring stretch. However, in Wall Yoga, the role of the Wall is not limited to a prop. It is as significant as doing the right poses and in the right way. So, let us decode the 7 key things you must know about this new type of Yoga before you start gaining its advantages:

1.The Concept of Wall Yoga:

The first and foremost thing to learn about Wall Yoga is the concept. The key purpose is to help students perform complex Yoga poses efficiently. A range of straps is attached to the wall to provide additional support, especially to the beginners. The combination of the straps and the gravity pull helps the practitioner to attain great vertical practice and the ability to explore the benefits of new and advanced postures.

2.The Benefits of Wall Yoga:

Clarity about the perks of Wall Yoga is very important before you start the practice. A few ways Wall Yoga can benefit you include:

  • Better ability to hold complex poses
  • Enhance the body strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Emphasis on muscle building in body areas that are specifically used

3.A New Way to Explore Old Poses:

The downward dog pose is a conventional pose that most of the yogis have tried and practiced. However, with Wall Yoga, a new way of performing the exercise can be explored. The dangling straps are no less than a new teacher offering a new perspective to your conventional exercise. Not only the added support makes it easy to manage and maintain the pose, but it also encourages you to go a few extra miles to achieve perfection in practice.

4. Everyone Around the World is in Awe of it:

Everywhere across the world Yoga enthusiasts are practicing and utilizing Wall Yoga. Places like Austria, Australia, Texas, Quebec, United States, California, and New York, Wall Yoga is being practiced regularly. There are proper studios established for its practice around the globe.

5. Savasana is a Part of Wall Yoga:

You must be wondering how one can do Savasana with the help of a wall. It is a vertical asana that requires the yogi to lie down straight on the floor. Wall Yoga brings freshness in this Yoga practice by allowing you to do Savasana in a new way- upside down. With the help of the straps/ropes, you hold yourself up against the wall and perform the simple asana in a new way.

6. Training is Imperative:

Just like conventional Yoga, it is important to get trained for Wall Yoga. The straps must make your practice more meaningful and not hinder it. By learning the right way to use the straps and having a deep understanding of the concept, only you can achieve the benefits.

7. Beyond Yoga:

It is not just an exercise to perform conventional asana in a new way, but it is also helpful in utilizing the benefits of Pilates, general fitness training, and physical therapy. So, wall Yoga can be helpful in a number of ways when mixed with conventional exercise practices.

Wall Yoga has gained due importance in recent time and more and more yogis are attaching to the developing technique. With this great understanding of Wall Yoga, you too can explore its virtues and gain the benefits.

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