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6 Causes of Blindness in Children

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Eyes are the most wondrous blessing we seek from the creator. They are the window to the world which let us know the world as what it is. Living without sight is something we all fear. The mere thought of the darkness and the inability to see anything sends cold chills through the spine.  And any such thing happening to our little bundle of joy is the most killing thought of life.

Blindness in Children:

While playing a game of blindfold can be a lot of fun, as a parent seeing your child with visual disabilities is the worst thing. As per a report, nowadays visual impairment affects children to a larger extent than earlier. To save your child you must have knowledge as what causes this problem in children:

Causes of blindness in Children:

1. Pre-birth Developmental Loss:

Many a time the blindness in babies comes before they are born. They develop in the fetus’s developmental cycle. At times some parts of the eyes are not developed and there are certain cases where there is no sign of eye development in the child in the womb.

2. The Coordination With the Brain:

In the case of many prematurely born babies, the brain is deprived of the oxygen for some time which can result in the death of the brain cells responsible for the vision of the kid. In such a scenario blind kid is born.

3. Genetic or Inherited:

Yes, blindness is a disease that can be inherited from one generation to another. A visually impaired person has a risk to transfer the disability to his next generation, thus resulting in visually impaired children.

4. Accidents:

Eyes can be hurt with any alien object and lose the sight. Here it becomes essential to keep the eyes protected to prevent any harm.

5. Certain Illness:

With the changing scenarios, there are many diseases that make small children their prey at a young age. Diabetes, cataract are some examples of such diseases. These diseases not only harm the physical health but may also result in loss of eyesight if exceed an extent.

These are some of the causes of blindness in children. To ensure a healthy vision of your child you must ensure that these causes never ever come close to your little munchkin.

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