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How To Choose The Perfect Family Car

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Whether you’re doing a road trip from Visakhapatnam to the Araku Valley or simply the daily commute to school and work, you’ll want a reliable family car to get you there. The top-selling car in India is the Maruti Dzire, and while it’s not classified as a luxury brand, it certainly ticks most of the boxes when deciding on a good fit as a family car, such as interior space and reliability. People opt for the safety pack will also increase the car’s NCAP rating from a 3-star to a 4-star. When choosing the ideal family car, it helps to go in with a checklist that also meets both your needs and your budget.

What Are Your Family’s Needs?

There are a number of cars out there and while a two-seater sports model might sound like a dream car, it won’t do for a growing family. If you need to commute regularly to mountainous or rural regions that lack proper infrastructure, SUVs or trucks might be a sturdier option. For city cats, however, a regular sedan can accommodate up to five people. Once you have the size of the car pinned down, you can start ticking off other needs in the car such as LATCH systems for the little ones, onboard navigation, and additional security features for high-crime areas.

Check The Safety And Reliability Specifications 

In high-traffic cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi, some additional safety features go a long way. These include collision sensors, pre-collision systems with pedestrian detection, and sensors that alert the driver when they’re drifting into another lane. While these features are slowly rolling out as standard across mid-range cars, there are still some that require the addition of a safety pack. When choosing a family car that you’re planning on keeping for a while, checking the reliability and longevity of a brand makes a difference in how quickly you would need to upgrade.

Just as you would go into details while considering the Tucson party bus for hire, make sure you check all aspects of the safety and reliability of your family car the same way. Spending a little extra on the short term can provide you with a good set of wheels for a decade or two. This is important if you’re travelling on long stretches of road with little to no cellphone reception.

Do The Math 

Checklists are great, but they don’t help much when all the add-ons bust your budget. It’s important to know that buying a car is about more than just the instalment. A family car also needs regular servicing and maintenance. You would also need to cover insurance, parking costs, and fuel to get to your destination.

The ideal family car is one that meets your needs, provides adequate security, and doesn’t transcend your budget. If you spend just a little extra time carefully considering the right decision, the car you end up with will make it all worth it in the end.

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