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INOX & Zomato Benefits on Digismart Credit Card for the Perfect Weekend

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Transactions with credit cards have become the norm nowadays. This is due to the convenience it offers in every stage, whether it is paying a bill, purchase of goods or booking a flight or a hotel. If you are not very convinced with the privileges that a credit card provides until now, you surely will with the new Digismart Credit Card. Take it as a card that is filled with offers or use it as a movie card India, there is no end to the benefits it would provide. Plus, if a perfect weekend is all you need after a hectic week, Digismart Credit can be your perfect companion to keep your pocket load-free.

With a load of benefits for the users, the movie card India can be a perfect choice for the people who want a less expensive weekend. With the amazing offers on shopping, food and movie, people can have a wonderful experience after a stressed week. The Digismart Credit Card can be used for all types of transactions and it comes with amazing features as well. While there are a number of benefits one can have with it, offers on movies and food have managed to attract the users the most. Calling upon the major partner brands that would serve the users of Digismart Credit card users are Zomato and INOX.

Standard Chartered Credit Card

Digismart Credit Card is an all-in-one card for offers at varied expenses.

Source: Standard Chartered Bank India

Explore the offers on Digismart credit card by Zomato

Zomato has become one of the widely used apps for ordering food online. To that, the Zomato Gold adds some exclusive benefits to the users as well. Now it’s the Digismart Credit card that has redefined the offers for the users so they can have the best-ever experience of using the platform. On ordering food online, users would get 10% off up to INR 150. Other details related to this offer are-

  • There is no minimum spending value to get this offer.
  • This offer is valid only on weekends ( Saturday and Sunday)
  • A user can avail this offer 5 times in a month.

In order to avail this order, one can apply the promo code ‘DIGISMART’ at the time of placing the order.

Explore the offers on Digismart credit card by INOX

No matter where you stay, a movie can be the best weekend plan for shaking some stress off the shoulders. Even if it is a simple meeting of a group outing, INOX can be a place to hit at. But owing to the high ticket prices at weekends, people often look for offers that can cut the cost a bit. Digismart Credit Card can be used to avail such offers, thanks to its partnering with INOX. So, while booking tickets for your favourite movies on the weekend, you must try promo code BOGO that would provide you with a discount of INR 400. You can also avail Buy One Get One movie ticket with the help of the movie card India. These offers can be availed twice every month. So, next time you plan to visit INOX, do not forget to use the promo offers by the movie card India.

Notably, Digismart can make your weekend less expensive. Other than the aforementioned offers, one can also avail discounts on shopping.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the movie card India, then you must apply for the card at the earliest. Here are a few eligibility criteria for the application-

  • You must be at least 21-65 years old at the time of application.
  • You must have a stable source of income.
  • You must belong to the location where the service of Standard Chartered Bank sources.
  • People who already have a credit card from Standard Chartered Bank would not eligible for this card.

In addition to the above requirements, you must also keep the documents ready. These documents would be required to verify your personal identity, address proof, income proof and so on. Any government-issued ID such as Voter card, Aadhaar card, driving license or PAN can be used. Make sure you grab this opportunity and enjoy the range of benefits the card brings.

While you apply for the Digismart credit card, it is important to note the details, terms and conditions that come along with it. The movie card India provide users with lower fees, which is charged on a monthly basis rather than annually. So, users will be charged INR 49 every month as the basic fee. Moreover, the monthly fee can be waived off for the users who spend more than INR 5,000 in the previous calendar month.

The Digismart movie card India can be applied online. The process of application is simple where the users shall receive a call from the bank to decide the date for the submission of documents. Once the documents are submitted, the bank would run verification. After the successful verification, the Digismart Credit Card will be issued for the users.

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