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Top Adventure Activities To Take Up During Your Resort Outing

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The maddening traffic and the urban landscape of Bangalore combined with the rising temperatures call for a longing for a refreshing trip. Who wouldn’t want to take a day off and have some fun time with their families in a luxurious resort where they can savor some adventurous activities.

We all know how beautiful Bangalore is. When it comes to exploring Karnataka, Bangalore is the first city that pops up in our mind. This amazing city has a lot to offer to its visitors and tourists. The question is how do you explore this region to its fullest? Booking a resort is the first thing you need to do for a fun outing.

Why Choose Resorts For A Day Outing?

Resorts are perfect for fun-filled trips with your family and friends. They can be the perfect destinations for a few family bonding activities that suit all age groups. From trekking to paragliding to swimming to cycling to playing adventurous games; there are lots of fun activities you get to do in some really well-built resorts.

There are many day outing resorts in Bangalore that offer luxurious and comfortable stay as well as beautiful exterior space and parks where you can enjoy with your loved ones. Furthermore, these resorts have the best food. So, are you ready to check the list of activities you can perform in Bangalore? Let’s get started.

Resorts have beautiful parks and the exterior spaces where you can find explore games, swings, and breathe the fresh air. Believe it or not, it feels quite amazing to take a stroll in the park after having lunch or dinner.

Book the Perfect Resort

The good news is that Bangalore has a collection of lavish resorts that offer activities that are challenging. Be it swimming or cycling — these resorts can make a perfect option for your day outing trip.


What’s the best way to explore this beautiful city than cycling? All you need is a cycle and some friends who are ready to accompany you. You can plan the cycling trip to Bheemeshwari and enjoy the beautiful valleys on the way.

Do not forget to bring a camera to capture the sunset. Bheemeshwari trip through the Muthati jungle can turn out the best ever journey. Besides, it offers a way to connect with nature and observe the stunning range of plants and animals on the way.


Most of the resorts in Bangalore have amazing swimming pools. Whether you are a professional swimmer or if you have never experienced swimming before; you will get the amazing experience of swimming in the clean and luxurious swimming pools in resorts.

Children love swimming. And, there can’t be a better and safer way of allowing your children to swim than in resorts. Do not forget to take your swimming costume and other gear to enjoy the best experience.

Play Adventurous Games

Most of the parks in resorts have pool games installed. If you are looking for adventure in Bangalore, choose the best resort where you can relish your passion for being outdoorsy. Apart from indoor games like basketball to table tennis to badminton to the carrom board – there are many other games you get to play in resorts, like taking a stroll through the forest. Many resorts around Bangalore are located near the jungle areas where you get to explore flora and fauna. Trekking is another option. In fact, some resorts offer paragliding and rappelling activities.

These were some interesting and fun activities you can perform in the day outing trip. So, why wait? Book a resort right away and enjoy the best ever day trip experience.

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