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Types of Car Wiper Blades Explained

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If you are like most people, you probably do not realize how complicated your car’s wiper blades are. For most people, the car comes with a pair and they never think about them ever again. However, if your blades break or wear out and you need to replace them, it can be a surprisingly tricky matter. There are several different aspects you need to consider, rather than just finding the right type and popping it on your car. When you visit the auto parts store, you are likely to find many different types and sizes of wiper blades, so you should know what you need in advance.

Types of Wipers Blades

The first matter you must decide on is the type of wiper blade. There are three basic types, although there are dozens of small variations. The most common type of blade is called frame-style blades. These are the most abundant and your car likely came with this type. There is nothing special about them. They are simply a frame with a rubber or halogen-hardened blade to wipe away moisture. The second type of wiper blades is winter wiper blades. These are similar to frame-style blades but have an extra rubber shell which helps with snow and ice. Finally, there are beam-style wipers which are the most expensive. These types of blades have only a single piece, which makes them sturdier. The minimal design means there are no parts to fall off.

Chances are very high that your car can have any of these types of blades attached, one way or another. Some will be easier than others, due to the attachment mechanism. It is also important to realize that there are many variations on these blade types, such as silicon or even heated blades.


Another important matter to consider is the windshield wipers size. Different cars have differently sized windshields, which means the wiper needs to be long enough to cover it. This should not affect the buying process too much, but you should measure your old wipers to be certain the one you buy is the correct size. You can also buy wipers that are designed for your car model specifically, which is more expensive but eliminates the possibility of getting the wrong size.

Attachment Mechanism

The attachment mechanism is what attaches the wiper to the car. There are six basic types of attachment mechanisms, although they can be boiled down into either straight or hooked. The attachment methods are:

  • Hook
  • Side Lock
  • Top Lock
  • Pinch Tab
  • Bayonet
  • Slim Top

Most wiper blades can be attached to any type of mechanism, but not always. You should check what kind of attachment mechanism you have and then guarantee the wiper you are looking at is compatible or has an adapter.

Wiper blades may seem like a side accessory, but they are essential for safe driving in the rain. If your wiper blades are in need of replacement, you should not delay in replacing them. You can find different blade models, and other accessories such as vent visors, online.

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