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6 Reasons Why You Should Head To The Driving Range

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For some; green, open spaces with the promise of quiet are the ultimate stress-reducing environment.

In an urban jungle, it can be hard to find an escape. The noise of the city pushes many to find their quiet spots in nature – and there’s nothing like gaining peace of mind with a round of golf or at the driving range.

1. A Healthy Mind In a Healthy Body

Among the many advantages this sport has to offer,  we count a wide range of mental and physical benefits.

Playing a round of golf can release endorphins – natural, mood-enhancing chemicals within our brains,  leading to improved mood and low levels of stress and anxiety.

Not to mention, the golf swing and all the walking makes for a full-body workout.  With numerous repetitions, every swing exercises the arms, legs, back, and the abdomen.

2. Being Fit In… a Golf Driving Range?

Nowadays, being fit is one of the main priorities for most people. No matter age or previous health condition, a golf routine is sure to help you keep your body toned. Also, check out Centre De Golf Val Des Arbres for one of the best golf driving ranges in the country.

If you – like most people – assume that golf is rather a passive sport, then you should give it a try.

You’ll soon see how walking long distances, carrying your golf club and swinging all day long can form a fun and efficient workout.

In addition, you’ll sharpen your mind in every game you play.

You’ll need mental strength to analyze, calculate and figure out the best strategy to shoot holes-in-one

We strongly recommend you to install a step counter application in your cell phone before stepping into a golf driving range. You’ll be amazed by the big amount of steps you’ll have taken by the end of your game!

Curious fact: Golf spectators take around 8,500 steps while watching a golf game. Do the math and sum up benefits for your health!

3. Weight Loss

Walking is one of the most indicated exercises, even in chronic diseases and conditions.

On average, it takes around 10,000 steps to burn the redundant fat that prevents us from having the fit body we all aspire.

Playing on an 18-hole course takes from 4 to 5 hours, and you can cover and exceed that amount of steps while losing weight without notice! So, if you want to burn away those calories, think about these facts and numbers next time you think in golf cart rentals!

4. Expanding Social Networks

Being outdoors with people that share a common interest – playing golf in a driving range – enclose an opportunity or two to create new bonds.

Spending time with new players can help you to improve your game or if you’re experienced enough, the other way around.

Using your skills to teach others can help you expand your social circle and connect with peers.

Same, social interactions may enhance your confidence and even help you make friends or new business connections.

Without question, your interpersonal skills will be pushed to a whole new level, and all that while breathing fresh air and enjoying a workout.

Tip: The relaxed vibe of a green golf driving range helps you create exciting alliances not only in business but also in love. Don’t miss such golden opportunities!

5. Brain & Cognitive Health

Believe it or not, holding and swinging a golf club enhance your hand-eye coordination and make you more conscious of your body and movements. All these actions help you to improve your neuronal synapse, which keeps your brain young and healthy.

Same, playing golf demands high concentration and retention. Subjective thinking, creating new strategies and taking into consideration multiple variables and solutions count as exercise for your brain, which protects your from cognitive impairment, even long before it begins!

6. Refreshing Sleep

If you have some troubles to fall asleep, spending some time in a golf driving range will for sure improve your sleep patterns.

Here’s the thing: Being outdoors and walking around 10,000 steps while swinging your golf club can leave you exhausted.

Now add a warm bath after your game and before going to bed. That combination will do wonders in your sleeping patterns, and lead you to fulfill night’s rest.

For the Sake of Fun!

As playwright George Bernard Shaw said: We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. Playing golf is the perfect activity for people who don’t want to give up to playfulness, and refuse to grow old.

Peace of mind is made of calmness and fulfillment. We’re more inclined to experience it when we’re engaged in interesting activities that involve fresh air, good company, and moderate physical activity. 

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