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Most Herculean Mountains To Climb

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What intrigues you the most? I don’t know, but I do know one thing that is I am intrigued and highly fascinated by the mother nature. She has got a beauty which has no comparison to anything else in the Creator’s creation. Even the ladies’ charm fails in front of holy mother nature.

The massive mountains, the curvy rivers, the bone-chilling breezes, pristine blue lakes, and beaches, ahh! So much there, do not have enough words to express on her alluring charm. But the thing is that one universal truth and fact is shared since our childhood, which is ‘More the beauty harder is to achieve it.’ 

The massive current of rivers do not let you swim across its banks, the snow-capped and high steep mountains do not let you breathe the fresh and pure oxygen on their tops.

Very stubborn topography, isn’t it? But to do the impossible possible is what man is doing since the stone age. Isn’t it!

Here are some of the worlds most difficult mountains to conquer. Some of them lie in Himalayas belt only. Begin the course according to their difficulty level.

12. Mont Blanc, Italy, and France


Elevation – 4808m

Approximate time to pinnacle – Two Days

Perhaps it is not a case when the aspect tall fails in comparison to the peaks in the Himalayas and the traditional pathways are not that tech-savvy challenging. On top of it, the location of the peak is in Italy, and France international borderline makes it more a source of convenience.

Okay! Let’s be real for once, what is more, dominating the one taking a selfie on the top of Eiffel Tower or the one who reaches the summit of the Mont Blanc? Yes, me too figured it out.

This kind of pointy logic and thrill involving attracts the tourists or precisely the mountaineers/adventurous to reach the summit. But beware, the mountain has taken more 8000 lives. Just know what is on stakes, for novices it is advisable to come with a professional or a guide.

Don’t take the climb of Mont Blanc lightly.

11. Vinson Massif, Antarctica

Vinson Massif, Antarctica

Located 700 miles from the Southern pole, the rock is the tallest in the belt of Antarctica, in the range of Ellsworth Mountains. It is 700 miles from the Southern Pole. The adventurous groups with some pioneers in this daring sport operate since 1990 to help the explorers to reach the summit.

The mountain is 4892m high, and the approximate time to reach the peak falls in the bracket of seven to twenty-one days.

10. Matterhorn, Switzerland


The feeling is indescribable when one reaches the summit. The climbers do not utter the words instead enjoy every single breath and remain calm with an intention not to dismantle the peace of the summit.

The mountain is triangular. The tip looks like a cragged rock going into the heavens. The magnetic attraction for the alpinists and also for others across the globe, and the rock has proper/ideal proportions.

Rough and tough high mountain with majestic light. The peak is 4478m above sea level, and it takes almost five days to climb the mountain.

9. Cerro Torre, Argentina, and Chile

Cerro Torre, Argentina, and Chile

The elevation of 3128m, the peak requires four to seven days to reach the top. The mountain resides in Patagonia region. You can not point finger on the beauty of the mountain. The beauty of the mountain also defines the other parameter too, i.e., difficulty. It is challenging to make a climb such a steep slope. The rock is legendary.

The summit touches the sky in the southern part of Argentina, and this resembles the watchtower of Mordor. 

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8. The Eiger, Switzerland

The Eiger, Switzerland

3970m is the number which demonstrates the height of the peak above sea level, and it usually takes two to three days to climb the mountain.

Do not go gentle with an excellent view. The more it looks comfortable, more rises the difficulty. If one still colludes anyone’s brain, then let me tell you, it has a nickname “Murder Wall.”

To climb, you will require a full gear of ice axes finesse, pointed overhang. The 1800m face plus the exponential stake of falling ice is always on, so be very careful and carry all the protective gear if you love your life.

7. Denali, Alaska

Denali, Alaska

The height of the mountain is 6190m, believe me, you need around a month to reach the summit of the peak. Roughly it takes twenty-one days to climb the mountain. The wildlife is beautiful in the pristine parkland of the area.

The peak is famous by the name of Mount McKinley in North America. 

The fun fact is Barack Obama, in his period, said that he would rename it to Denali. The spires of granite and snow-capped summits of the Alaska Range put a show of too much elevation which frequently seems absent due to the presence of clouds.

With the 50 percent success ratio, the peak attracts the mountaineers from overseas. According to few mountaineers, the view from the up notch is like gazing out the windows of the paradise.

6. Mount Everest, Nepal, and Tibet

Mount Everest, Nepal, and Tibet

The worlds tallest peak with an elevation of 8848m, apparently it takes 54 days to climb the mountain. Astonish to see the rank in the list. In actual, the list is based on the bases of difficulty level and hardships that one faces when one is on the trek.

No doubt, the Everest is the hardest to climb, but nowadays the services and facilities are provided that the difficulty has been reduced in comparison to other high peaks. The habitation of the growing base camps is decreasing both the difficulty and hardships. The thrill is reduced when we put the climb of Everest back to back to the other summits across the globe.

5. Baintha Brakk, Pakistan

Baintha Brakk, Pakistan

The mountain is one of the steep craggy ones, with an elevation of 7285m, located in Gilgit-Baltistan. The peak is a part of Panmah Muztagh sub-range of the Karakoram. The facts say that it has been 24 years since 1977 when the first ascent was done and the second in 2001.

Exponential rising steep with such a great height at that altitude is a deadly combination to conquer, but still, we keep on putting our efforts and labor to reach the summit.

4. Kangchenjunga, India, and Nepal

Kangchenjunga, India, and Nepal

Apart from the land of diversities of various cultures, heritages, and mesmerizing sceneries, landscapes, the scenic panoramas the country has more to offer, explore this shore of the planet, I bet you will fall in love with the land, people, vegetation, wildlife, the sunrise  and sunset points of North Eastern as well as Himachal Pradesh’s mountainous regions.

The rocks are way more difficult to climb plus some of the hills have the boulders which almost halts one’s breath at once.

One of such peaks is Kangchenjunga partly resides in India and partly in Nepal. The mountain is 8586m tall, and it requires 40 to 60 days to reach the summit.

3. K2, China, and Pakistan

K2, China, and Pakistan

K2 alias Mount Godwin-Austen/Chhogori is a tower of 8611m demanding at least 60 days to climb to the peak. Run a simple challenge every year of beautiful and herculean mountains, Himalayas will win with eyes wide shut every year. The comfort is not even at a single step you place while trekking this mountain.

With every inch climb, the difficulty rises. The second tallest on Earth. Weather is freezing here the wind blowing is bone-piercing at the temperature of -25 degrees to -28 degrees. The weather conditions plus the uncertainties make it challenging to climb.

2. Annapurna, Nepal 

Annapurna, Nepal 

With an altitude of 8091m above sea level, the climbing period lies between 40 to 50 days. Wait! The mountain is the hardest on the list, it would have grabbed the first rank, but due to the primary reason, I think the demon shares this spot with all the dignity and respect.

Satisfies all the factors of difficulty and hardships, the mountain has 40 percent of fatality rate who tend to reach the top of the peak. The uncertainty of avalanches, storms keep on hulking the glaciers.

1. Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash

“Precious Jewel of the Eternal Show”

The height of the mountain is 6638m above sea level. This shares some respect and even high dignity, because this is the one whose scramble of mysteries has not yet been solved. Some think that the place is more radioactive as a result person’s age more rapidly than at other places of Earth.

Only one sage has climbed it, a Tibetan saint Milarepa.

The Nailing Words

The bold hearts are openly welcomed at these places.

“Either we conquer, or we die trying! That’s the spirit of a cold stone heart.”


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