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How to Live An Overall Healthier Lifestyle

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One day it hits you and you decide that today will be the day you turn it around. “It,” you say? Yes, “it” is your overall health. The late night partying, fast food indulgences, and otherwise, unhealthy behavior has you feeling sluggish. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some tips to get you on a healthier life track, so you can cut loose those tired, blah days and live a healthy life.

1. Cut out the Vices

You have heard it before and it is probably hard to hear again now, but: your vices are hindering your overall healthier plans. As fun as it is to spend time hanging out with friends on the weekend sipping your favorite cocktails, all that extra sugar intake is impacting your waistline.

Not only that, if you have been told you get a little obnoxious when drinking, it might be time to cut back. Many people around the world struggle with drinking problems and it’s not a battle you have to fight alone.

Plus, it’s never too late to get help. If you do need help and are in the Newport Beach area (for example), finding alcohol treatment California residents trust can assist you in kicking the habit. This way you can have a fresh start, to get yourself going.

2. Get Moving

It might be difficult at first, mainly due to motivation, but you’re going to have to get yourself moving in order to shed some weight and feel good about yourself. Start off slow and engage in activities you enjoy doing. Tennis, pickup games of basketball or soccer practice can really get the blood pumping and sweat dripping, all the while encouraging you to have fun.

For a little bit more of a dedicated workout scenario, these examples of the best exercises for beginners can get you started sweating at home. It only takes a few pieces of equipment and the right mindset to get these exercises done. Be sure to mix in other activities to promote a healthier lifestyle as well. If at all possible, biking to work helps burn calories while also saving you money on fuel costs, a win-win situation. Now, let’s talk about your diet.

3. Food Planning

Eating healthier food options can be a tall task for some but it doesn’t have to be all quinoa and kale, though those items can help. If the idea of eating kale grosses you out, maybe you haven’t had it the right way. That being said, introducing healthier foods into your diet should be done little by little. Explore your local markets and maybe try squash if that is something you haven’t had before.

Many vegetables can be enjoyed both cooked and raw, like broccoli for example. It can be steamed and or you can have it raw on a veggie platter as a crunchy snack. Learning how to eat healthily isn’t an exact science since there are many factors to consider.

Product availability, cost, and how much you are willing to consume the items once they are in your home all play roles in your ability to eat more healthfully. Once your food is settled and your exercise is done, it’s time to think about getting a good night’s sleep.

4. Settling Into Bed

It’s often an overlooked area of becoming healthier but getting a good bedtime routine in order is important. First, set a bedtime. Yes, it might sound juvenile but getting to bed at or around the same time every day will help your body. The next step will be a tough one for some as it involves eliminating distractions while in bed.

Yes, that means putting down the phone or the tablet and just relaxing into bed for sleep. The time spent perusing the internet equates to valuable time which could be spent sleeping and recovering. So the next time you’re tempted to check social media or your email while in bed, resist the urge and say to yourself, my sleep is important and I can catch up on any events in the morning.

Being strong-willed and using your stubbornness will help you with all of these things. Before long, it will simply be a habit to live a healthier overall lifestyle that you can be proud of and enjoy.


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