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What Are The Benefits Of Massage Therapy In Preventing Or Treating Disease?

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Massage Therapy

A massage therapy – have tried it? Well, if you have been going for it then you know just how beneficial it is. If you have not, trust me you are missing on something very important. But what is a massage in the first place? Well, it is a simple art to rubbing and kneading some body parts by means of the hand and specific lotions. The expert who has specialized in this exercise is referred to as a massage therapist. During the session, the therapist will apply pressure of varying intensity depending on your needs.

There are different types of massage therapies and all of them depends on your needs and the desired outcome. For instance, prenatal massage is specifically designed for expectant women. There are so many myths against this massage therapy though. Some people believe that it often leads to miscarriages.

The idea here is that some sections of the body such as the lower abdomen are so sensitive and should be handled with care. Similarly, a shoulder massage for expectant ladies often attracts a lot of attention. This because there is so many acupuncture point between the back, shoulders, and neck which when stimulated can initiate labor. Let that be a topic for another day. Have you heard of sports massage?

This one is specifically designed for individuals who are highly predisposed to sports-like injuries. A Swedish massage, on the other hand, is designed for individuals who are new to the treatment. These are so many different types of massage and the one will fit depends on your conditions and the outcome you desire.

How beneficial is a massage? Before you enroll for any treatment plan, you must look at the benefits it gives, the main purpose of treatment is to bring about healing and that is the same thing with massage therapy. The main reason why people go for massage therapies is to seek muscle relaxation. But our question of interest in this regard is – What are the benefits of massage therapy to preventing or treat disease? To square out this question, let us look at specific conditions that the therapy helps to fight.

The Disorder Massage Therapy Treat

Are you suffering from a mental disorder? Massage therapy can be the answer you are looking for. A wellness massage has a lot of health benefits. Scientific studies have established that massage therapy can lessen heart rate, reduce blood pressure and boost the circulation of blood. In addition, it brings about muscle relaxation, facilitates various body movements and upsurge endorphins.

If you of facilitating the flow of blood, you will realize there are so many health benefits that come with that. For instance, blood can easily flow to the liver, the main homeostatic organ in the body. Purification of blood can effectively take place and as a result, many health conditions can be eliminated.

Evidently, massage therapy can help fight some ailments. There are a number of specific disorders that this therapy can help lessen their symptoms and facilitate recovery. Let us look at five examples of such conditions.

1.Depression and Anxiety:-

Individuals suffering from mental disorders can find relief from massage therapy. For instance, a recent study established that the therapy lessens the stress hormone referred to as cortisol among individuals plagued with anxiety by at least 53%. One other study established that a massage therapy upsurge the levels of serotonin and dopamine, two hormones important to individuals suffering from depression.

2. Pain:-

Why do you book an important with a massage therapist? In many cases, one of the targets individuals set when they form the treatment plan is to eliminate pain. A massage enhances relaxation and this makes it an important strategy of dealing with many pain conditions. The kind of pain we are talking about may emanate from surgery, any form of injury or some acute conditions. A number of studies have confirmed that message effectively eliminates back pain. What is more, the therapy facilitates the flow of blood to various body parts that might be experiencing pain and stimulate the production of natural painkillers.

3. Migraines & Headaches:-

Generally, there are so many factors that can be attributed to headaches, among them high-stress levels, fatigue, and health problems. Massage therapy facilitates pain reduction and eases tension and as a result, lessens headache symptoms or even eliminate them altogether. In general, individuals plagued with migraines encounter significantly lower levels of headache pains after wellness massage, reduced acute symptoms, and enhance sleep quality, according to one study.

4. Breast Cancer:-

One study showed that victims of breast cancer can experience stress reduction as well as anxiety when given massage therapy. This may, however, require a well-trained and experienced massage therapy for application of particular lymph drainage strategies. Besides, massage therapy is quite helpful to people recuperating from cancer therapy to lessen their encounters of depression, sleep disorders and fatigue.

5. Recurrent Strain Injuries:-

 Some type of massage such as sports massage is designed to deal with regular strain injuries. Massage helps to deal with conditions affecting muscles. Some of these issues cause pain as well as losing sensation. They may result from over-using some types of body muscles, a specific posture for relatively long periods, and heavy lifting among other duties. Massage therapy facilitates pain reduction and promotes grip strength.

Evidently, massage is very important when it comes to health matters. To have a good experience, you need a good therapist. However, it has become so difficult to find proper massage therapists out there for some reasons. This does not mean you cannot successfully get one. You only need to put some efforts into searching. If you intend to give massage therapy a try, consider My Home Therapy and have a professional and licensed therapist come to your home.


Back to the question we raised at the outset – what benefits of massage therapy to prevent or treat disease? We have looked at a number of ways the therapy can be used to treat and prevent diseases. We have considered five specific conditions in this blog. If you are yet to try it out, make efforts towards it and you will significantly benefit.

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