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iPhone Hack: How To Delete All The Photos At Once?

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iPhone is not just a smartphone, but a luxury which every millennial wants to have these days, and add on to that, thanks to the social media, its craze seems never-ending. However, no matter how much storage capacity your phone has, it seems useless, when after a few images and videos, the storage capacity of the phone gets exhausted.

The statistics of Google search has revealed that in past six months, “how do I delete all photos off my iPhone at once” has been the most searched topic.

No matter if you have transferred your photos or want to format your phone as a fresh, it is really important for every iOS user to know how to delete all photos from iPhone iOS 11.

Before you delete all photos from iPhone 7, make sure to take back up of all your favorite pictures with any of the third-party service like Google Photos. You can also use cloud service, from where you can restore your pictures any time.

How to delete all photos from iPhone iOS 10

  • Open photos and tap on albums.
  • Once you have opened albums, click on all photos.
  • Once photos have opened, tap on the select button at the top on the right-hand corner.
  • Tap for a long time on the first photo, and a cursor will appear. Through this blue cursor, you can scroll down and select all your photos. Keep holding the photo till the time all photos are not selected.
  • Once the photos are selected, click on the trash icon appearing at the bottom right-hand corner. Now tap on delete button to delete all the pictures.

How to delete all photos from iPhone 5 completely

  • Once you have deleted all the photos, go back to albums and select recently deleted items.
  • Now select the album.
  • Now tap delete all the photos by tapping on the icon at bottom left-hand corner.
  • To confirm, tap delete items one more time.

This will ensure to delete all the items permanently from your iOs, leaving ample space for new items. If you also want to know how to delete all photos from iPad, just follow the same process as in the case of iPhone.

How to delete photos from iPhone from computer

You can also delete all the pictures from iPhone while using your computer, by following a few simple steps:

Download and launch iTunes on your system.

  • Now use the USB cable to connect your iPhone with the computer.
  • Now click on the icon showing iPhone.
  • Click on the folder containing photos.
  • Make sure that sync photo box is not marked.
  • Now click on the remove photos appearing on the pop-up window.
  • Now tap on apply to delete all the photos from the system.

If you are also looking for How to Transfer Photos from iPhone and iPad to Windows 10 PC, just follow the similar steps.

We hope that with this now you will not have any problem deleting all your pictures permanently from your iPhone and IPad.

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