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7 Important Tips For Reading With Contact Lenses

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Planning to curl up with your favorite book? Your contact lenses are definitely a major upgrade over glasses as your field of vision improves but there are still some important habits that you can cultivate when reading with lenses.

1. Make Sure Your Prescription Is Up To Date

It may sound obvious but wearing lenses that do not correct your vision to a perfect 20/20 shouldn’t be worn during reading. They can put a lot of strain on your eyes.

Get your eyes checked at least once every year to make sure your power hasn’t changed and if it has to update your lenses accordingly.

2. Make Sure You’re Wearing Your Lenses

If more than one person in your family wears lenses, make sure to mark your lens case to avoid wearing someone else’s lenses by accident. This happens more often than you think and if you continue to read without realizing the swap, you can cause major strain and fatigue not to mention the possible eye infections, blurred vision, and general discomfort.

3. Don’t Hold The Book At An Awkward Angle

Your contact lenses can slip from its place if you read at an awkward angle. Always hold your book or magazine at eye level to prevent strain and irritation.

4. Don’t Read In Low light Conditions

While this is true for non-contact lenses users as well, reading in very poor light can cause a massive strain to your eyes. Make sure you have a good light source before you begin reading.

5. Switch To Warm Tones At Night

If you’re reading on your phone or Kindle, make sure to adjust the brightness accordingly. Extremely bright light at night can also cause distress and fatigue. On your phone, you can switch to warm tones so that you can continue reading without stressing out your eyes.

6. Don’t Read For Hours On End

Take regular breaks from reading when wearing contact lenses. Reading without taking breaks can cause a lot of fatigue. Make it a habit to take a break after every hour or so.

7. Don’t Forget To Blink

People often forget to blink while reading which can cause your eyes to get dry. Blinking helps your eyes stay hydrated. Make a conscious effort to blink frequently or you might have to keep rewetting drops on hand. But, that can be a tiresome process so just remember to blink normally to prevent your contacts from drying out.

If you’re over the age of 40, you might have begun to develop a condition called presbyopia. Presbyopia is caused by loss of elasticity of the lens and can make it difficult to read things that are near. For decades, people suffering from presbyopia have been prescribed reading glasses which can be quite cumbersome to carry around. Fortunately, people suffering from this can switch to contact lenses. Having the freedom to wear contacts allows such people to enjoy books without having to wear uncomfortable glasses.

In fact, you can even take your reading a step further by purchasing colored contacts like Solotica Hidrocor that gives a very natural appearance. You can buy Solotica Hidrocor monthly lenses once you settle on your favorite lens color.

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