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Is Co-living Really Such A Big Deal?

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You may have heard the term co-living at some point and dismissed it as being a millennial craze. Or maybe you didn’t think it really applied to you or could benefit you. However, co-living in NYC can significantly bring down prices in the apartment rental market. Since 2012 co-living has been making waves in New York. You can rent a fully furnished room in Brooklyn and many other cities like Manhattan, at a third of the price you would usually pay.

Co-living is becoming increasingly popular and an appealing alternative way of living affordable. It involves people of different creeds and color, from different backgrounds, sharing a communal living area and space. You will get to enjoy the benefits of luxury accommodation, at a fraction of the price. Amenities like internet and cleaning services as well as cable tv are usually part of the deal. It takes the hassle out of seeing to the nitty gritty costs involved in renting, like splitting bills amongst all occupants, keeping the living area clean and neat, as well as equipping the apartment with the necessities.

Co-living also makes it simpler to leave when you need to. This is especially appealing to nomads and globetrotters. Most co-living arrangements are flexible with occupants leaving without prior notice and you can stay any time from as little as one night, 30 days or however long you need. Co-living is quite beneficial in NYC where living in a place like Manhattan could be expensive. Considering co-living apartments could benefit students, families wanting to relocate to a specific area, or those moving for work projects. If you can look past sharing a kitchen, bathroom and living room, then co-living would be ideal for you. For many people it may be an outrageous idea however there are apps available that group various people based on their interests and personalities. This could also be a good way to make friends and meet new people, possible from across the world.  The term is less than a decade and has already become a multibillion-dollar industry. Developers are now considering building co-living properties in North America, which is a sign of its growing appeal and success thus far.

Together with amenities listed above, some co-living offers dog walking services as well as cooking classes as part of the deal. The idea is not specific to a certain generation or class of people but should be used by anyone wanting to save money while living the “high life”. It may even be ideal for people wanting to experience a certain country’s culture and activities. Living in the desired location with locals could give one a better sense of the place they desire to acquaint themselves with. Although co-living may not seem conventional, it is a good way of enjoying luxurious benefits. Even though most spaces are small, they are usually very homely. You may even opt to rent out a whole apartment or outhouse, with the owners living on the same property. These spaces offer great benefits and stylish living arrangements for you and your family.

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