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FMovies Switches Domain, Operates On A Iceland Domain After Being Disabled By The Swedish Domain

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FMovies: Free Streaming Site

FMovies is one of the leading free streaming sites that has become popular and by far gives an incredible user experience equivalent to Netflix. With a variety of movie collection and free streaming facility, it has become a favorite to many movie lovers who enjoy binge-watching their favorite movies. However, the emerging giant of the free movie streaming services has lately been under the radar of many copyright watchdogs and since then switching domain to avoid being blacklisted or downgraded by search engines for being a copyright evader.

Lately, FMovies was operating under the Tonga domain FMovies.to, however, a frequent witch has been spotted, wherein the free streaming service provider has changed to a Swedish domain, FMovies.se. But, again it appears that the Swedish domain provider, SE Direct has deactivated the domain for some unknown reasons. While the streaming service provider has maintained its silence over the issue, the experts are not mistaken to guess that it is definitely the issue of copyright law infringement. But, you cannot change the traits if a traitor, it seems like FMovies ha again made a switch and now is operating under an Iceland-based domain as FMovies.is. This was notified by the website over it official Twitter handle:

A check on the FMovies.se domain using a WHOI lookup confirm that the item was indeed disabled prior to its due expiry date, 29 November 2018. The analysis further indicates that the domain renewal is not permitted and might be very soon deleted. It is to be noted that The Pirate Bay, a renowned torrent tracker was also operating on the .se domain. However, it had a long tenure before it was called off because of the security issues.

However, FMovies and controversies seemed to go hand in hand. Only last year the streaming website was charged with a fine of US$210,000 after losing a case against ABS-CBN. The court ordered AB-CBN to take over the FMovies.to domain of the streaming site. However, despite such stringent copyright issues and scrutiny, FMovies seems to be doing pretty well in the game of domain hopping. With the speed the website is progressing, it seems like it won’t end soon.

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