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How to Watch Netflix or Hulu Through a VPN Without Being Blocked

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Until and unless you are living under a rock, you must know how amazing it is to stream your favorite movies or TV shows and watch them in comfort from any device of your choice. Streaming is the latest boon of the technology that was there for a long time but recently got the buzz it deserved.

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are offering entertainment enthusiasts a source of fun and enjoyment without any breaks. While Netflix can be defined as a vault of movies, Netflix originals and hundreds of TV shows, Hulu has over 50 channels to watch live TV, Movies and much more.

However, what might make Hulu and Netflix out of your reach is a geoblock that such type of services has over its content. These live streaming services stream services in limited geographical areas which primarily includes the United States and its Territories. If you are a subscriber, who did not know a word about such restrictions, might feel frustrated enough to search for a way to watch their favorite programs, in desperation.

The good news here is that there is certainly a way possible to bypass the geoblock laid by Netflix or Hulu or any other video service and watch your favorite shows anytime, anywhere. How?? The answer is VPN. Here are the entire details:

Unblocking Netflix or Hulu through VPN:

VPN or Virtual Private Networks are a reliable way to unblock any live streaming service. It has a great ability to allow the users to bypass the geoblocking on any site with great efficiency. The process is simple, a VPN creates a US IP address which masks your original IP address as well as it encrypts your traffic and allows you to enjoy a layer of privacy over your browsing/streaming habits to dodge the prying regulatory and government bodies.

The popularity of VPN has made the market cluttered with a number of VPN services provider. However, nit every service provider is as efficient as you need it to be. So, it is recommended to be extra vigilant while buying a VPN service and ensure that the one you are investing in has servers in most of the locations and ample to IP addresses to help you unblock Netflix or Hulu from the right location.

Steps to use VPN to bypass Netflix/ Hulu blocks:

You need a smart anti-VPN technology to quickly and smartly bypass the geoblocks. Here is what to do:

1. Selecting A Reliable VPN:

A VPN is a quick and easy way to find the solution but only if it is efficient. A reliable VPN provider has the ability and intelligence to frequently keep juggling their IP addresses so that they cannot be assessed by the snooping authorities of Netflix or Hulu.

2. Dedicated IP Address:

There are some reputed VPN services providers that also allow users to have a dedicated IP address. Although such service is a bit expensive than the rest, but it provides you a 100% cover from the popular TV streaming service scrutiny as it is used by the single owner only. It is also known by the name of “static IP” are now the most popular way to crack into the tight security of streaming services providers.

3. Hosting Your Own VPN At Home:

If you are addicted to the home version of any streaming service and want to watch it while you are traveling out of your geographical boundaries, setting up a VPN at home is a great solution. Hosting a VPN on your home internet connection. It gives you access to a specific countries version of any popular streaming service. This can be done either by using an internet connection or with a hosting service in case your home’s internet connection isn’t that strong.

The Takeaway:

Using a VPN is the best-known way to crack into a TV streaming service’s network and watch your favorite programs beyond the geographical boundaries. When you choose a reliable service provider you also eliminate any chances of being blocked as they use dedicated IP addresses, anti-VPN measures, and many other such features to make the connection more private and secure. However, you must always do what is legally allowed in any regions laws while enjoying break-free live streaming service.

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