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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Quickly & Easily?

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There are many types of flies and most of these flies are harmful to the health of a human being. Some kinds of flies are house fly, drain fly, fruit fly and many more. If we talk about fruit flies, then these flies attracted to the sweet fruits that are placed in the open. You may get in contact with numerous diseases like cholera, typhoid, food poisoning etc due to these flies. So, you should not ignore these flies if they are flying around your food or house.

8 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies:

An infestation can easily start indoors when you bring in some fruits, vegetables or any other goodies from your garden. Any overripe fruits or vegetables are the breeding ground of choice so they will breed in anything moist that has some fermenting material on it. So, to keep these fruit flies away from your home and food, you can try out these few home remedies by using:

1. Slices of Cucumbers:


You can cut cucumbers into slices or put the cucumber peels after preparing your salad. You can place any of these around your home to keep flies away as pests hate its fragrance.

2. Herbal Plants or Basil Leaves:


The one thing which is intolerable to flies is an aroma of basil plants. Plant some basils around your home to keep the fruit flies away from your home. You can also hang a bunch of basil leaves on your door or windows and can make it look classy by tieing them with some ribbons or some decorative cloth. This will also keep the flies away.

3. Cloves With Lemon:


Fruit flies don’t like citrus smell of lemons and the spicy aroma of cloves, and this is good news for you. You can use these 2 things to fix the flies issue by using 2 halves of lemon and 20 cloves. Stick the cloves into the lemon halves and place it on your table where you put fruits and vegetables. You can use an apple as well instead of using a lemon.

4. Camphor Tablets:


Camphor is known for its anti-insect and anti-bacterial properties. This is an amazing ingredient to get rid of fruit flies. You just need to buy some camphor tablets and place them around your home. The tablets can also be used by burning them, this fume the flies quickly from home. However, if you don’t like the smell of camphor tablets then you can easily place the tablets in a bowl of hot water.

5. Honey Trap:


Flies cannot ignore the irresistible sweet smell of the honey so this is another thing by which you can make a trap for flies. The flies will get stuck and die a sweet death in honey or Jam(as you can use fruit Jams as well) to make this type of trap.

6. Plastic Water Bags:


This is one of the easiest ways to keep the flies away from your home. You just need to fill Ziploc bags half-way with water and close the mouth of the bag. Now just hang the bags from the windows in your home and flies get scared by the refraction of light from the water.

7. Red Wine Trap:


If you want to get rid of fruit flies, then this is the other type of trap you can make. Fill up a shallow disposable bowl with your red wine and cover it tightly either by some cling film or some polythene. Make some holes on the cover and place the bowl around your home. The fruit flies will drown in the wine once attracted to the smell and crawl in through the holes. After some time, just throw out the wine, no need to check if they are dead or not.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar:


This method is very effective to get rid of flies. Pour some apple cider vinegar in a jar with a funnel, after that flies will start entering the jar but not able to come out and will drown. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of flies.

So, these are some of the home remedies to get rid of fruit flies, if you are getting irritated with flies all the time and want a solution for that then you should try these remedies before calling some pest control service.

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