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Updating Kitchen Counters With Textured Paint Spray

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Updating Kitchen Counters With Textured Paint Spray

Quick Kitchen Counter Update

When you move into a new house and are on a tight budget, everything in your heart screams at you to opt for a renovation. On the other hand, your mind reminds you of your budget problems and asks you to calm down. You become confused, unable to decide between the rational thought or the thing that you want. You do not want to keep seeing the outdated and ugly kitchen counters every day until you renovate. However, if you only have a budget for renovating your countertop with granite tiles and not your whole kitchen, you can change what they look like with a textured paint spray, which comes in quite cheap and gives you the desired look.

Updating Kitchen Counters With Textured Paint Spray

Here are the steps to apply paint spray on your kitchen counters:

1. Preparation of the Surface

The first thing that you have to do is prepare the surface so that the paint sticks to it. Rub sandpaper on it until the gloss or the shine is not visible on the counters.

2. Masking and Painting

This is the most crucial part of the job. You have to mask off the surfaces that you do not want to paint and then evenly spread coats of the paint spray on the kitchen counters. Three or four coats will be enough. However, if you do not put up even coats, you might see that the paint looks lumpy and patchy.

3. Coating of Polyurethane

To maintain the longevity of the paint spray, apply many coats of polyurethane. Nine or ten coats of polyurethane will be enough to maintain the life of the paint for quite a few years. The coats will help maintain the texture and color of the paint and it will not fade away easily even if you use the counter tops quite a lot.

4. Caulk (Optional)

You can add white silicone caulk to bridge the gaps between the sinks and the walls. This will make your kitchen counters look only more finished and better. However, if you do not want to do it, you can simply leave it as it is.

5. Let it Dry

Now you can let the coats dry for 48 hours and in no time, you can enjoy the new and stone textured counters in your kitchen.


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