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Take Charge Of Your Bills Today

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We all want to live comfortably even when we are renting. Sometimes, the bills might shock you especially electricity and water bills if you use the wrong techniques.  In most cases, the landlord has power over us because if it were not for them, we probably would not have shelter. We can, however, reduce these bills by taking measures to save energy and water.

The costs of your heating and cooling play a significant role in your utility bills. Every house in an apartment receives personal bills according to the expenditure. While your neighbor may be paying less, you may be paying twice as much. What makes the difference? It begins with energy conservation. Learn how you can do it!

1. It Starts With Your Daily Habits

Do you leave your lights on for long even when you are not using them? This is one cause. Switch off your kitchen and bedroom lights when you are in your living room. Do not wait for a reminder every time. Do not use your dryer regularly when you can hang your clothes to dry from the natural means.

Adjust your air conditioner according to the different seasons. Don’t switch on your air conditioner during the summer when you can get natural heat from the sun. Check the temperature of your thermostat and use it as per the atmosphere. See? Simple!

2. What Kind Of Bulbs Are You Using?


Research shows that bulbs are not equal in how much energy they consume. Incandescent bulbs take up lots of unnecessary electricity. If this is your type, replace them with energy saving bulbs. Studies reveal that halogen incandescent lights and compact fluorescent bulbs can use up to 80% less power than traditional bulbs. You can spend more on an energy saving bulb but cut down on the electricity bill. Which one do you prefer?

3. Utilize Smart Power Strips

Turning off your electronics still wastes your energy. It does this by 75% even if you have switched them off. That is why you need power strips that get rid of phantom loads which makes your electronics continue wasting energy even when they are off. These smart devices allow you to turn off your electronics when you are not using them from your remote. How cool is that?

4. Install A Smart Thermostat


The CPI security can install this programmable thermostat in your house to save your energy. It automatically reduces the heat and cooling effect of your home when you retire to bed or are off to work. It prevents you from wasting unnecessary energy without sacrificing your comfort.

This device can save you high electricity bills every month.  It also comes with indicators to alert you on when your air filters need replacement as well as when your HVAC system has defects. Your cooling and heating system is enhanced.

5. Use Appliances That Are Energy Efficient

Most machines take up about 13% of the power. As you focus on the cost of your device, check the operating cost. You may get an energy saving device at a high price, but have lower operating costs compared to convention models.

Check if your appliance has an energy star indicator to help you evaluate if it will take up more or less energy in your home. For instance, energy star fridges use about 9% less power than a conventional model. An energy star washer takes up 25% less power than other models. This type also takes up less water than other models. Easy right?

6. Reduce The Expenses Of Your Water Heating


The water heating system correlates with the energy consumption. If you reduce the expenses of your water heating, it translates to less energy consumed. You can start by getting used to cold water as you use hot water only when you need it. Get your water heater insulated as you turn your thermostat down.

Go for a tankless heater that saves you energy if you live alone. It is not an ideal choice for a large family since it cannot multitask efficiently. Choose a water heater that saves you energy instead of a conventional one. An extended lifespan of such a heater guarantees you fewer bills every month.

7. Check Your Windows

Single pane windows waste a lot of energy by losing heat. Replace them with double pane windows. If you stay in a cold environment, your windows should be gas-filled and coated with “low-e” to minimize the heating expenses. Use storm windows for severe weather conditions to prevent heat loss.

If you stay in warm areas, ensure that your windows do not facilitate heat gain. Your windows should always have the energy star to minimize the increase of heat through the reflection of light and reduction of thermal energy that is being diffused at home.

You can also use shades, screen or awnings on your windows to get an additional insulation layer to maintain favorable temperatures. They will save your utility bills at the end of the month.

8. Seal The Air Leaks


You can minimize the cooling and heating expenses by weatherizing your home. The vents, doors, and windows are usually prone to air leaks. Make sure that your walls don’t have cracks on them or openings that should not be there. Use caulk to seal these air leaks on the frame of your window or the wall. Weather stripping can also work on holes of moving objects such as the doors.

You can also find some small openings and light fixtures around your home. As hot air rises, it penetrates through such openings. This can increase your heating bill without your knowledge. You need to identify all the areas and insulate them appropriately.

9. Your HVAC System Needs An Upgrade

Heating takes up around 40% of energy use. Ensure that your furnaces have the energy star to conserve energy so that you can save your heating bill. Get your furnace together with your air conditioner to ensure that they both help you conserve energy.

Your ventilation system works through the circulation of cold and hot air from the ducts in it. Those ducts should be entirely sealed or insulated to prevent wastage of energy.

Final Thoughts

From the above, we can learn that we are in control of the bills that land on our doorstep each month. Reduce the expenses by using what we have discussed and pay fewer bills as you get high-quality products and services. It starts with you!

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