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How To Find Your Long Lost Old Friends? 3 Best Ways

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At some point in your life, you feel lonely and want to reconnect with your old buddies. After college and school, many people get separated due to their career and businesses. It becomes hard to catch up and stay connected. But human beings are social animals and they want to get connected with other people. Fact is that we don’t forget our childhood, good friends. We want them back in our life someday. It is quite possible to find your old lost friends.  There is no need to pay a person to locate your old friends especially when you have a chance to find them free of cost online. Now you want to know how you can do that. I would like to share my three favorite methods which help me locate my childhood friends.

1. Address Lookup

It is a very simple way to find a person. For initiating the search, you need person’s full name, zip code, and state name. If you have this then you can easily find where he is living at the current moment. You can get his address in a matter of seconds. There are many websites online which maintain public records of US citizens. You can find detail about your best friend simply by searching on these records. Even when you have his old number you can perform reverse phone lookup at any online portal. Once you got his address via address lookup service, next thing is to give him a surprise visit.

2. Facebook


Another great option you can try is to search your friend on Facebook. You can write his name, his old number and then find some amazing details. It is possible that your friend has a facebook account with his name and you can find his profile and send him a friend’s request. He will check his notifications and reply you whenever he gets the chance. It is the quick way to locate your old friend. In case you don’t find a person through his real name then you should make a search with his nickname because many times people like to make an account with a nickname instead of a real name.

3.People Search Finder


There are many online people search engines which are designed specifically to search people. These websites maintain public records and in order to access these records, you need to enter person full name and the place where he is living. Some website requires you to sign up first and then do the free search. However, other websites require you to do address lookup and reverse phone lookup after paying a minimal fee. But you can rely on these websites because they have a record of a lot of people from where you can easily find your long lost old friend.

Now you have got three best options which you can try to find your old friend. First two options are free and don’t require any kind of payment. The third option might require some investment before you start the search. But I suggest you go for free options first and then try premium features of a website. If you are lucky then you can locate your friend easily through free people search option.

Don’t wait anymore. Go and find an old friend who really matters in your life.

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