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15 Most Amazing Places You Must Visit When you Go To Canada

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Most Beautiful Places in Canada

Canada the ‘Land Of The Peaceful’ is a fun and mesmerizing place to visit. Especially popular among the Punjabi’s, the land of winter and snow is a place you must visit before you die. Canada is a huge country with a lot to visit and enjoy. Following are the Most Amazing Places You Must visit when you visit Canada.

1. Niagara Falls


The number one place on everyone’s Itinerary is, of course, the Niagara Falls. The place is bound to spellbind you with its amazing aesthetic appeal and beauty. Seems like a doorway to heaven, the falls are jointly shared by Ontario, Canada, and Ney York U.S.A. The place has a number of restaurants and a lot of souvenir shops. Among them are a number of casinos that are a must visit for this place.

2. Banff National Park


Located in Alberta, the Banff National Park is the oldest and the largest nature reserve in the country. It is among one of the most visited sites in the country. The park houses mesmerizing glaciers, turquoise colored lakes and lots of wildlife and mesmerizing forests. The park is home to wolves, black bears, bison, bighorn sheep and even bald eagles. The place is a getaway from the ever-busy bustling lifestyle of the city. Camping in the park is a common stress-relieving activity for the people.

3. Vancouver


The west coast port of British Colombia, Vancouver has it all. The place has spellbinding landscapes with beautiful mountains on one side and sea on the other. The place is the most ethnically diverse cities of Canada. The tourists can ski through the mountains or can enjoy on a yacht at the sea swimming and partying all around. The city is also famous for its art gallery which showcases the most creative and awe-striking paintings and artworks by local artists.

4. St. John’s


Popular among artists as a getaway destination, St. John’s is also known as mini San Francisco without the cable cars. The place is famous for the assorted colors of the houses which together look like an open crayon box. You feel like you are in a land of the legends which is the only feeling you need to experience on your holidays.

5. Churchill


The Polar Bear capital of the world is the place to be to experience the serenity of nature and experience the relaxation of a lifetime. The place is pack full of recreational activities, the most important one being the interaction with the mighty Polar Bear in the safety and comfort of the Tundra vehicles. This experience is one of a kind in the only settlement where Polar Bears are present. The place also provides a view of the beautiful and stunning northern lights whilst living in a proper human settlement.

 6. Okanagan Valley


The Okanagan is a region in British Colombia which is famous for its fruit orchards and its brilliant locally made wine that is bound to spellbind you with its excellent taste and reasonable prices. The heavenly place is situated between the hills with grapes and orchards all over with a number of little lakes in between. The place is perfect for a romantic getaway to live among the gifts of nature away from the city bustle with mesmerizing views and great weather throughout the year.

7. Gros Morne National Park


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gros Morne National Park is a nature reserve located on the island of Newfoundland. The wilderness is the beauty of this place. It is the perfect place for all types of outdoor activities. Hike through the pre-made trails or discover your own trails through the woods and mountains. Camp in for a few days fish your own food and relax with a cruise ride of the Western Brook Pond. You can also relax at the warm water sandy beach of Shallow Bay.

8. Calgary


The largest city of Alberta, the place is world famous for its rodeo event, parades, competitions craft and food during the month of July each year. The place still follows the ‘Wild West’ culture of the US, nicknamed as the ‘Cowtown’ of the country. Being located between the Prairies grasslands and the Rockies, the place offers mesmerizing views and is a total eye candy for the visitors.

9. Whistler


Located north of Vancouver, British Colombia, the place is the prime ski destination of all of North America. The place houses one of the largest ski resorts of the world. The place proudly hosted Winter Olympics in the year 2010 and the venue is now open to visitors making it one of the best gradient for snowboarding and skiing. There are two main peaks with tourists transferred from one to another on gondolas.

10. Quebec City


Quebec City is the perfect mirror reflection of the early French architecture being founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608. The city is mostly French-speaking and is one of the oldest walled cities of North America. The city has many historical monuments such as the Citadel which is definitely worth visiting. The city has beautiful stone buildings with narrow streets giving you a glimpse of what a 16th Century European village would have looked like back in the day.

11. Toronto


The most populated city in Canada is also one of the largest cities of North America. One of the biggest and most modern cities of the world, the Toronto skyline has a gem that no other place has. The CN tower is the center of attraction of the city skyline as well as the tourists. The tower offers a bird’s eye view of the full city which is a sight to view once in a lifetime. The 554 m high tower houses a 360° view restaurant and was the tallest glass floor building in North America when it was built.

12. Montreal


Montreal is a modern metropolitan boasting to be the cultural as well as the financial capital of Canada. The city has the highest density of French-speaking people outside Paris, France. The city has an amazing skyline with numerous skyscrapers impaling the sky with glittering lights through their glass windows. The Old Montreal region of the city houses many historical buildings with horse carriages rushing through the roads.

13. Tofino


Located on the Vancouver Island, this is the beach destination without which every vacation is incomplete. The place has beautiful beaches and is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. The place has a lot to offer in culinary as well having a number of restaurants to satisfy the taste of every tourist. It is the optimum destination to roam around all day and relax in the evening at your beach facing room.

14. Lake Louise


Located in the Banff National Park, Lake Louise is no doubt the most beautiful place to visit in Canada. The turquoise water lake surrounded by the snowy mountains and directly fed from the glacier. The place is an eye candy for nature enthusiasts. The place is best for camping and fishing and spending a few days in the wilderness hiking through the surroundings and discovering nature.

15. Bay Of Fundy


The Bay Of Fundy is a bay between the provinces of Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The bay is famous for the highest tides in the world. More water flows in and out of here through tides than all of the freshwater rivers in the world combined. The place is a haven for water sporting activities. Kayaking, water surfing being the most popular ones.

In all, Canada is a truly mesmerizing country to visit for deep cultural values, beauty, fun as well as adventure. Canada provides a range of tourist destinations ranging from extravagant beaches to lakes to glaciers and skiing. All in all, Canada is a place that is an absolute delight to visit.

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