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Top 10 Places For You To Visit In Oregon

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Best Places For You To Visit In Oregon

The west coast state of Oregon is one of the most geographically diverse states of the United States of America. The state hosts some breathtaking landscapes ranging from forests and deserts to volcanoes and beaches. Oregon is simply breathtaking with its natural beauty that is so diverse that it cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. The following are 10 best places to visit in Oregon.

1.Cannon Beach


Located about 80 miles from Portland, the Cannon Beach was named after a cannon that washed ashore after a shipwreck in the year 1846. The area is popular for its long rugged beaches and beautiful landscapes. The island was home to rugged artist communities that have now totally transformed their work by opening various restaurants, boutique shops etc. The town is also famous for the ‘Haystack Rock’ which is a 72metre sea stack at the beach and is among one of the world’s tallest sea stacks. The Beach also offers various hiking trails leading to the forests and the mountains nearby.

2. Astoria


Astoria is regarded as the oldest American settlement in the Rocky Mountains and is thus filled with ancient villages, art, and sculptures. The Columbia River Maritime Museum offers over 30,000 artifacts of the Pacific Seafaring history. The Astoria Column is a towering hilltop monument that provides a panoramic view of the city and the Colombia river. The city is located in a beautiful landscape with mountains on one side and the Colombia River on the other which gradually meets the Pacific Oceans a few hours away.

3. Boardman State Park


Named after the first Oregon Parks Superintendent, Samuel H Boardman, the park is spread across an area of approximately 19 kilometers linearly at the west coast of Oregon near Brookings. The area was earlier home to the Native Americans who went away after a number of mining operations started to take place. To mark the end of all these mining operations, the area was declared as a state park. The park features breathtaking scenery with its rugged coastline lush green forests and the sand dunes altogether making up a mesmerizing scenery for you to remember.

 4. Crater Lake National Park


The Crater Lake National Park is located over the remains of a volcanic eruption that took place 7700 years ago. The lake has a depth of about 2000 feet making it the deepest lake in the United States. The lake is surrounded by kilometers of hiking trails that take you on a tour of its mesmerizing beauty. The dark blue water of the lake compliments the area around creating a very beautiful spectacle. The lake has a center island to which guided boat tours are taken and is a must go place.

5. Mount Hood


Mount Hood is the tallest peak of Oregon located in the backdrop of the city of Portland nearly 60 miles from it. The mountain is a tourist delight all year long with 3 ski locations making it an ideal destination for adventure junkies and the summer snowfalls make everyone in the surrounding areas to flush int to the mountain to cool off the heat. The mountain Is very popular among hikers, and mountaineers who want to travel to its summit. The mountain is also home to the Timberline Lodge, this lodge was used for the exterior shots of the movie ‘The Shining’ and is a big tourist destination.

6. Yachats


Named after the river Yachats, alongside which the small town is built, the town was named one of the ’10 coolest small towns of USA’. The town sits at the foot of Cape Perpetua which is about 800feet tall. The town is very popular among the tourists who want to enjoy the real beauty of Oregon leaving aside the crowd. The town offers a very beautiful landscape with dark blue water on the white sand beaches creating a relaxing atmosphere for the tourists.

7. Portland


Portland is the city to be in North Carolina. the city has Mount Hood as well as the Pacific ocean is its periphery with both being at a short distance from the city. This makes the city full of awestriking landscapes and beautiful destinations. Other than the beautiful destinations, the city is a perfect blend of outdoor recreation with the historic art museums and galleries. Oregon is the city to be to enjoy all of the city’s comfort with the addition of beautiful sceneries and nearby mountains and the beach. This is one of the most geographically diverse cities in Oregon and is a city you must visit.

8. Multnomah Falls


The magnificent Multnomah Falls are located just 30 minutes away from Portland. The falls according to legends were the private bathing place for a princess. Private space or not, now the falls are open to the public in all its glory. The falls are 61feet high and are an example of the masterpieces of nature. The falls are the starting points to many hiking trails that are frequented by the tourists. The falls are surrounded by dark green forests and create a landscape remembered by every visitor.

9. Eugene


Eugene is a haven for the modern traveler. You can visit the museums, admire the architecture get lost in the wilderness or dive into the culinary scene. Nature lovers have got themselves a paradise, with numerous cycling and hiking trails along the city it is really a place to visit. The city is fit for all seasons with its aesthetic landscape and natural vibes. The city is also known for a number of museums that are scattered around the city with local artisans selling a lot of locally made articles.

10. Columbia River Gorge


Created by the Ice Age floods, the valley stretches approximately 70 miles in length. The area offers a number of waterfalls that fall along the highway. The gorge houses large dense forests that change color every season from the brown in autumn to blooming colors in autumn, the place is a delight for the eyes. The place also leads many hiking and mountaineering trails that provide an experience of absolute thrill. Camping in the forests amidst the little waterfalls is once in a lifetime experience everyone should get.

Oregon has a lot of natural beauty that can never be recreated or even be described using words. The beautiful landscapes, the mesmerizing beaches the tall mountains offer a wonderful experience to all types of travelers and is a place you must visit at least once in this lifetime.

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