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Understanding Life Through Proverbs

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Life on this planet earth is a privilege which one attains through a biological process with thousands of years of evolution as per Darwin’s theory.

Living a normal life is a routine but living a wonderful life by giving something to the society, is an art. Giving something to others by virtue of our experiences is making the life more comfortable for the generations to come.

The bottom line of the life could be felt in each proverb given to us.  A proverb is a short and crisp saying or short single sentence statement that expresses a traditional or folk wisdom, societal values or common sense elderly advice passed on from one generation to another.

The proverbs too are made from the common words we use in our day to day life.  But the way they are arranged is definitely an art and each such proverb gives a message to learn something about improving not our own life but helping others to live a better life.

One can see the richness of a culture and strength of its language is seen through the eyes of its proverbs.

For example – Great losses are great lessons – So whenever there is a loss, we learn to improve next time and if the losses are great, the lessons are bound to be great.  Ultimately it becomes a proverb in short words, a universal truth to make understand everyone.

There is another proverb – Cut your coat according to your cloth – this proverb teaches us that we should spend as much as we have in our pocket.  Doing unnecessary over expenditure to your budget or pocket will land you in trouble.

In fact, proverbs surround us every day. Sometimes they are so befitting to the situation that it takes a fraction to understand the state of affairs.

There is an African proverb – A tree is known by its fruit which means that success is shown by the deeds. In few words, there is a hidden communication for each one to understand the same in co-relation with our life.

An English proverb – Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise – is a clear message to live a long time but someone changed it in a satirical style – Late to bed ad late to rise makes a man filthy, witty and status wise.

I recollect that when I made a collection of quotes and proverbs, I penned down my own ‘Contain to Gain’ which helped me to spend every penny judiciously to save for the rainy season.

Frankly speaking, there are thousands of proverbs available and each one plays a role in our life and society. These give us advice in an obscure way. The phrase usually has a symbolic, allegorical and figurative type of message behind that when first heard may seem a little odd.

Usually, a proverb is very well known because of its popular use in the conversational language.  It plays many roles in society – to educate, expert advice in conversation and the innate role to educate people on what might happen if they do something.

Think of a proverb as a little tidbit of wisdom that just about everyone – no matter where they are from – can offer. There is a proverb for just about every circumstance, and proverbs can be applied to any situation.

The origins are quite often little known, yet the expressions are popular and sometimes some are little deeper to digest but they are definitely fruitful if the meaning is understood as to how to apply in our lives.

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