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San Luis Obispo, California: A Journey Towards The Happiest Place Of USA

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Happiest Place in the United States

San Luis Obispo is a small serene and laid back city in United States of California. It is settled roughly midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Tourists visit this place for its relaxed ambiance. This place was recently rated one of the ten best places to live in America. San Luis Obispo is extremely popular for its wineries, historic sites, pristine beaches and vast shoreline. Coastal mountains surround San Luis on one and on the other side frothy sea hits its beautiful coastline. Lush Green Farms and ranches seem to invite everyone towards this exotic place. San Luis Obispo has made a mark on the world map because of some international events like The Tour Of California Bicycle Race, Cinco de Mayo Celebrations, and annual Mozart festival.

Places To Explore:

Wine Tasting Rooms:


San Luis Obispo is a leading producer of strawberries and wine grapes. And this place has been awarded ‘Best Wine Region In The West’. Regions of acclaimed wines can be savored at this place in the set back of cultural activities.

Palm Theatre:


Famous ’ San Luis Obispo International film festival’ is organized at palm theatre which is best known for its solar heating.

Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Centre:


This is one of the focal cultural centers of San Luis Obispo. This center has many venues where tourists can enjoy local artists performances, plays, music, and dance.

Farmers Market:


A weekly event is organized in the farmers market at this place  and during this event, the street passing through this market is closed for vehicles  whereas  vendors sell their products and artists perform for a gathered crowd

Bike Nite:


This event is organized on the first Thursday of every month. During this event, people go around on their bikes on multiple circuits. This event is organized to encourage people to get back to their bike and for merrymaking. Each bike nite has some theme and people relish this event to the fullest.

Avila Main Beach:


The fragrance of lavenders floats in the air in this beautiful clean beach. Sunbath, paddle board, and food are the main attraction of Avila main beach. It has wide shoreline, gorgeous scenery and white sands. Avila beach’s gentle waves invite surfers to ride on them. Barefoot strolls are the best things which must be enjoyed on this calm beach.

Moonstone Drive:


This broadway is a wonderful place which offers spectacular scenic beauty. The wooden sidewalk makes for a smooth surface to walk on. If you want to spend some time in peace then this place is highly recommended.

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve:


This place is a gem of San Luis Obispo. This preserve is a boardwalk that runs along the coastline and is dotted with driftwood artisans. This place seems to be untouched by a rush of tourists. One feels like in natures lap at this place.

Bubblegum Alley:


This is a weird but very interesting landmark of San Luis Obispo and is known for its accumulation of used bubblegums on the wall of the alley. Tourists grab bubblegum from nearby shops, chew them and stick it as a stamp on this wall just for fun.

Best Time To Visit:

San Luis Obispo has pleasant climate throughout the year, never too hot, never too cold. Summers are warm and sunny. February to may is springtime. The temperature during winters doesn’t reach extreme and only cool breeze flow during the winter season. Thus, any time is best to visit San Luis Obispo.

Known as Happiest place of America, this place continues to attract tourists from all over the world. Away from the fast-paced modern life, this place is the best gateway for enjoying tranquility, solitude and peace.

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