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5 Best Romantic Gateways In Mumbai

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Romantic Gateways In Mumbai

Love is the most beautiful feeling of this world and when you are in love, you want to spend each and every moment with your partner. And when you are in Mumbai, things are different. The world knows Mumbai as the financial capital of India and everybody seems to be rushing to nowhere in this buzzing city. You can’t get the time to relax here but you have to steal some moments from your busy life for your loved one. You can enjoy these special moments in Mumbai too. Mumbai offers some beautiful destinations where you can spend some quality time with your loved one. Enjoy our selection of most romantic places of Mumbai, which are great destinations for a romantic getaway.

1.Bandstand Bandra:


Bandra stand is better known as’ lovers point’. Lovebirds can be seen chirping on Bandra Bandstand for the whole day. This place has a quiet soothing ambiance with the sound of the sea. This place has a lot of rocks, though you can’t access the sea, but you can sit along with your partner on these stones and can watch the sunset. This is an ideal place for getting cozy with your partner and enjoying nature at its best at the same time. You can also stroll hand in hand on this 1.5 km walkway and spend some precious moments with your special one.

Places Nearby:

Shah Rukh Khan’s residence Mannat, Bollywood wall of fame, Bandra Fort and Mount Mary Church.

2.Marine Drive and Nariman Point:


Nariman point is famous for its skyline and it is considered to be the end of the city from where you can see the land meets the sea. Mumbai’s main attraction ‘queens necklace’ Marine drive runs along Nariman point. The best time to enjoy the ambiance of this place is after sunset. You can go on for a long drive with your partner and enjoy the twinkling marine drive’s view. Both you can sit down or stroll along and chit-chat with your loved one while staring at the vast expanse of the sea. One more option to make your evening more romantic is by taking a small ride on a horse buggy.

Places Near By:

Chaupati, Juhu beach

3.Gateway of India and Elephanta Caves:


Whosoever comes to Mumbai, never forgets to visit the iconic Gateway of India. It is an architectural monument which was erected to commemorate the landing of King George V and Queen Mary at Apollo Bunder. Splashing waves of the Arabian Sea can be enjoyed with the queen of your heart here. You can also click some romantic poised pictures in the backdrop of world famous Taj hotel.  After that, take a ferry and go to the Elephant Caves. Elephanta caves are one of the most enigmatic heritage sites in India. And you can have some quality time in serenity with your loved one far from the hustle bustle of Mumbai city.

Places Near By:

Chatrapatti  Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghralaya, Jehangir Art gallery, Street market of Colaba

4.Pandavkada Falls:


These beautiful falls are nestled in the suburbs of Navi  Mumbai. This waterfall is a type of plunge waterfall in nature, pouring massive amounts of water on the rocky surface underneath. This waterfall is a perfect escape from the chaos of city life. You wouldn’t believe that such a beautiful place can exist in such a busy city. Families usually come here for picnics and lovebirds can enjoy some time in solitude here. There is small pond also where you can have fun and enjoyment.

Places Near By:

Buddhist caves Nerul Balaji Temple, Gamerz Pride

5.Sanjay Gandhi National Park:


This place is a perfect getaway for a romantic date right inside the city. This place is known to be lungs of Mumbai city. Two large lakes Vihar and Tulsi are situated here. Its scenic view will amaze you. Either explore this place on a bicycle or enjoy the splendor of this park in troy tram called ‘vanrani’. This train goes through various bridges and tunnels which are part of jungle inhabited by deer. This place is a perfect date spot and after spending time together in the lap of nature, far from the hue and cry of daily tensions, your bond will get stronger.

Places Near By:

Jain temple, Buddhist  caves

Bet Time To Go:

November To February  are the most pleasant  months in  Mumbai as it is winter time and idle time for exploring best of Mumbai

There are many famous places in Mumbai like Haji Ali, Juhu beach, Chaupati, Mahalaxmi temple Essael world These places are famous as tourist spots, but uplisted places are just perfect for your romantic date.

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