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What Does Your Hugging Style Say About Your Personality

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Hugging your partner is the best way to express love. It is a cozy moment that melts away all the sorrows, differences and calls back the love quotient in your life in a full spree. While we all are in awe of hugging, there is news about the style of hugging and interpretation of one’s personality through it. Yes, you heard that right, researchers show that we all have a distinct style of hugging and each of this style states our personality traits. If this makes you curious to know about your personality here are some hugging styles and what they have to say:

1.Hugging from the back holding the waist


If you love hugging from the behind you are a kind soul different from others. This gesture makes you protective towards your partner and displays the possessive side of your, not aggressively but in a sweet way. You do not let go off the love of your life.

2. Hugging with your hands in your partner’s pocket


A unique style though, it states your comfort level with your partner and the relationship. You are much relaxed in the relationship and live like yourself to the core without fake.

3. Hugging while patting on the back


The most common way people hug, especially boys, this style of hugging tells about your friendly and comforting nature. Patting is always related to making the others in comfort and this hugging style is usually adhered to while meeting with a friend.

4. Hugging while making an eye contact


If you hug looking straight into the eyes of your partner you show nothing but Love. You might be the busiest person on Earth but when with your partner the world seems to fade away.

5. Hugging with your arm over your partner’s shoulder


Lovers indulge in this type of hug mostly. This hug narrates the purity of your soul and your commitment towards your relationship. Nor only you are truly loyal to your partner but also you believe them to have the same dedication in the relationship. The style says that you do not have any trust issues.

6. Hugging from behind


This isn’t a very great way to greet others and also it shows your controlling behavior. This is an awkward arrangement that shows that the two are not in a very comfortable relationship.

7. Hugging from a distance


Everything is clear here, you do not trust the other person neither you are comfortable with him/her. Either or both of you do not Jive together.

8. Hugging in the straddle


Love is in the air and you both are of sensual nature. This is what this hugging style has to say. The most incredible part is that you are more emotionally attached than physically and it is obvious from your body language.

These are some of the hugging styles that describe your personality traits perfectly. You will find it to be true when you co-relates it with your hugging style. So, hug your partner and both of you together see what your personality has to say about you and your relationship.

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