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How Credible Is The Internet In Today’s Times

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The Internet was developed with no controlling body. It means that there is no one organization that controls the content that is posted online. The scenario was completely different about a decade ago. The key source of knowledge was the library and the thousands of books that were shelved in it. Einstein said that the only thing you really needed to know was the address to the nearest library. Libraries were the place where anyone seeking information went to seek information. Now, it is all about the internet. Why go through the trouble of physically making your way to the library, look for a book, and go through the pages, when all you can do is tap a few times on your screen and have the answers?


However, the internet is a vast place of unlimited knowledge and resources, some of which may not entirely be trustworthy. You might come across many things on the internet every day which you read and find out that they are incredibly incorrect. So the question which arises is whether you should blindly trust everything on the web? Of course not. Most of the times, the information that is found on the internet is not checked for accuracy and the facts are distorted and sometimes, they are off their rails completely. Anything that is posted on the internet can be done instantly without proof-reading.


On the other hand, books take a long time to come to the market. It involves drafting, compiling, proof-reading and finally releasing it to the markets. With the internet, it is the opposite. Ideas spread like wildfire and while in the golden ages, revolutionary ideas took time to spread and were geographically bound, today, with a few clicks, everyone around the world can follow a dream into a reality in no time. The internet is more about getting people to believe your opinions and swaying the audiences rather than educating them with facts.

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