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Keyboard Shortcuts On Windows That You Probably Didn’t Know

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There are a lot of computer shortcut keys that make our life easier. Most Windows users know some of the basic shortcuts for cut, copy and paste, but there are some which are not known to many of us. Many people think that the Windows button on the keyboard is just used to open up the Start menu but when combined with other keys, the same button can be used to perform a variety of tasks. Some of these keyboard shortcuts save us a lot of precious time and that same time can be used pondering over ideas. After all, you never know when an idea may strike. Here are 14 keyboard shortcuts that you probably never knew existed in the Windows ecosystem:

List of Keyboard Shortcuts:


This shortcut is used to navigate between the windows that are open at the current time.

2. ALT + F4


This is probably used by most of us to shut down the system but what you probably did not know is that it can also be used to close the current window.

3.  ALT + Backspace

Writers often face this problem when they are typing that they accidentally delete some text. This keyboard shortcut will come in as a lifesaver as it undoes the deletion of the text and brings back the word or sentence that was deleted.

4. F2

Whenever you select a file, sometimes you feel that the name that the file has does not give it justice and you wish to rename it. You would probably right-click and then select the Rename option but with this shortcut, you can do it just by the press of the button.

5. Windows + L


Sometimes when you are working, you get stressed and want it all to just disappear for the moment. Next time, just use this shortcut on your keyboard to quickly log off the current user and go back to the Sign-in screen. No need to go to the Start menu and then putting it away.

6. CTRL + Shift + T

Sometimes, we accidentally close a tab while working. This keyboard shortcut will bring back the most recently closed tab back into its full glory.

7. CTRL + Shift + N

Create a New Folder using this shortcut.

8. CTRL + Shift + N

Open a new Incognito tab using this shortcut in Google Chrome.

9. CTRL + Esc


This keyboard shortcut also opens up the Start menu, just in case your Windows button stops working.

10. CTRL + Shift + Esc


No need to open the Task Manager using the mouse and the clicks. With this shortcut, you can open it directly.

11. CTRL + ALT + Del


This keyboard shortcut also opens up the Task Manager. However, for the newer versions of Windows, it directs you to the Security Center, from which you can select various options.

12. CTRL + T

This shortcut opens up a new tab and can be used in any browser.

13. ALT + Tab


This shortcut allows you to switch between the open applications and their various tabs.

14. Windows + Tab

keyboard shortcuts

For older versions of Windows, it also allows a more graphics switching between tabs. However, for the latest Windows 10, it shows you your current desktop and in the bottom right corner, gives you the option of creating a new desktop.

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