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Entrepreneurship Lessons You Can Learn From Your Mother

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Even if you say that your mother is a homemaker, there are a lot of lessons that you can learn from her everyday life that they did not teach you in management school. There are a lot of things common between a homemaker and an entrepreneur. However, you will need a fresh perspective and forget all that you know to truly appreciate the things that your mother does and the way she manages it all. After reading all the listed things below, you might want to say that your mother is a home manager rather than a homemaker in your next HR interview.

1. Time Management

Go back and think about all the times that you have been late reaching your meetings or your office or even your school. You will always blame the lack of time to organize things for your delays. Now think about all those times that your mother kept your lunch ready for you before you went to your office. When was the last time that she failed to keep your belongings in their appropriate place? Learn from your mother about the value of time management.

2. Consistency

Have you ever noticed your mom chasing and achieving her home managing goals every day? The time she will go to bed will be the time she is done with endless home management tasks. You can see her doing these tasks 7 days a week, 30 days a month and 365 days a year, all without fail. Yes, our moms are more consistent than we as entrepreneurs are.

3. Multitasking


Your mom is capable of handling multiple tasks at a time and she will complete it all in time. With one hand she can cook food; on the other, she will be doing something else. Start noticing the number of jobs she does for you and your home.

4. Negotiation


If you wish to learn how to negotiate deals, spend some time with your mother when she goes shopping. She knows the right price of everything from grocery to fruits and vegetables and she would never pay a dime for it.

5. Stress Management


When did you see your mom taking a pause from her daily routine? She is consistent in doing her tasks, you will never know when she is stressed, and she will always have a smile on her face. Ask her how she manages her stress. Your mom is mentally strong and you must learn the same from her.

6. Prioritizing

Prioritizing the work is necessary to complete the task that matters the most. How you mom prioritizes her work is worth learning. She knows from all her daily routine tasks, which one is more important and how can she finish all of them in time. She really does more than what you can think of.

7. Budgeting

Budgeting is a big part of management. You have to learn to make financial decisions that are good for the company. You can never know how much money your mom saves to deal with the expenses. She has a budget of an entire month, without any issue she can tackle expenses and also save by the end of the month. Consider yourself lucky if you find an accountant who is as good as your mother.

8. Patience

Great things take time. They cannot be achieved overnight. But most entrepreneurs lose their patience when they are waiting for that better deal to be stricken. On the other hand, nothing frustrates your mother. She handles everyday tasks and even more without complaining about it. She does everything with total ease as she knows how to stay calm when things are messy.

9. Focus


When you lose your focus, you tend to go over the same thing over and over again. Consider it like reading the same line more than once just because you were not paying attention the first time. Your mom cooks, cleans, manages the same home and the same family every day without giving up.

10. Empathy


You need to look at things from the perspective of your employees too if you are to run your business successfully. Understand their concerns and needs, and deliver accordingly. Your mom keeps herself in everyone’s shoes when she wants to understand what exactly you need. In most cases, she will give you before even you will ask.

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