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Chhavi Gupta, One Of The Two Female Candidates To Secure 100 Pc In CAT

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Chhavi Gupta

While many people strive to achieve a great percentile in the Common Admission Test (CAT), there are some with an exceptional ability to crack the test in their first attempt. People spend years preparing to get a good percentile in CAT. Chhavi Gupta is a 24-year-old girl who surprised everyone by not only cracking the test in her first attempt but also securing a 100 percentile, all in her first attempt. She completed her dual degree programme in Biotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and wishes to pursue her management degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad. Currently, Chhavi Gupta is working at Opera Solutions which is a company based out of Noida.

In an interview, Chhavi said, “I’m pinning my hopes on IIM-Ahmedabad and I’m really looking forward to the interviews. All IIMs have a common curriculum for the first year and in the second year, one has to choose the specialisation. I haven’t thought of it yet and will make my choice then only.” Hailing from Delhi, Chhavi Gupta became one of the only two female candidates who scored 100 percentile. Same as last year, there are 20 students who scored 100 percentile this year. However, the 20 included two female candidates, and three candidates from a non-engineering background, unlike last year.

Chhavi Gupta

“If boys are studying, and I have seen this amongst some of my distant relatives, they will not disturb them. But a girl would still be asked to help out with household chores. Two, the priorities for many parents is to get the daughter married off after her graduation and so not many women really attempt the post-graduate level entrance exams. Thankfully, I had a family that supported me 100 percent,” Chhavi said this when asked if she was aware of the fact that very few women achieve this. Being a voracious fiction reader, Chhavi would turn to Jeffery Archer books whenever she felt the pressure of the examination. It was also her family’s unconditional support that never let her waver or lose her calm.

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