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Why Bedtime Routines For Babies And Children Are Important

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The importance of bedtime routine is needless to explain. Have you ever had a day when you slept late in the night and had to wake up early? We all do, remember how uncomfortable the next day goes. Now just imagine what pain a child would go through he does not have a nighttime sleep routine.

As per a recent study, even a baby as young as 8 weeks appreciates having a night time routine.  If you are wondering why we are emphasizing on having a sleeping time, let us make it clear to you with a different point of views:


Our brain has a mechanism for creating opioids in the mind as soon as we enter a comforting, cozy and familiar space. This the very reason that we have a sense of belongingness. These opioids help the body in calming the brain & initiate the process of sleeping. If your child has a set bedtime routine, she might find it easy to fell asleep. They feel that the room they sleep in is safe and soothing. This boosts the creation of Oxytocin & sleep hormone melatonin.


As soon as the child starts to respond, parents offer the help in carrying out many functions. This includes eating, walking, associating hunger with time and also considering bedtime on the schedule. When children have a fixed bedtime schedule, it helps them in associating things with the sleeping schedule. For children that are active, setting a transition schedule from talking to laying down to quieting to soothing and finally falling asleep can be a tough task.


As the studies quoted, 90% of the physical development of a child’s body takes place when they are asleep. This makes sound night sleep essential. A good 8-10 hour sleep is directly associated with the bedtime schedule a child has. Sleeping at different times every day and waking up without completing 8-10 hours hinders the development of the child.

Bedtime Routine & Lack Of Sleep:

The direct association of the bedtime routine & lack of sleep is inevitable. The importance of a sound sleep is known to all, even we know the consequences. To ensure that your child does not stay sleep deprived you must have a fixed schedule.

What if your child is facing problem in sleeping?

Often children face problems in falling asleep. The reasons can be any; hyper activeness, fresh body, bodily discomfort or insatiate curiosity.


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