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4 Hashtag Trends That Will Help You Make Your Tweets More Impactful

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Twitter offers a great tool called Twitter Analytics which helps a user to view the recurring trends. These recurring trends give a person access to valuable statistics on Tweet volume for commonly used hashtags – hashtags that can amplify the presence of a brand on Twitter. The main goal of a brand on Twitter is to spark up conversations and increase its engagement on Twitter. Some brands do not use the platform efficiently and end up guessing the hashtags that they would wish they had used. The Analytics breaks down each hashtag trend down to its use among genders, ages, and locations, where it is most popular and accordingly brands can make the most out of them.

Twitter Analytics Hashtag

Weekly hashtags like #WednesdayWisdom and #SundayScaries have become standard and are something people look forward to each week. Here are four of the most trending hashtags that can help you reach out to the maximum demographic:

1. #MotivationMonday

Everyone dreads Mondays. They are the worst start of the week that one can have. After a whole weekend of enjoying with friends and family, one has to go back to work. The only upside to Mondays is a strong coffee and the hashtag #MotivationMonday. #MotivationMonday is used by people to start of the week by posting inspirational content and it is perfect for almost any industry. Quotes, personal experiences, and a constant encouragement to hustle. #MotivationMonday had over 2.4 million tweets along with a total reach of 22 million in 2016. The is one of those trends which is relevant to both men and women.

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2. #TravelTuesday

This is one of the most popular trends among the millennial generation, aged 18-34, although it appeals to?all other ages as well. A brand can use this hashtag to cater to the traveling desires of its audience. Everyone wishes to travel and there are different kinds of travel posts that can reflect your brand’s image. For example, if you are a coffee brand, you can use this hashtag trend to post famous cafes from all over the world.

3. #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)

In a world where women are becoming more and more important every day, #WCW is used by both males and females alike to give a shoutout to their female role model.

4. #TBT (ThrowbackThursday)

We all like to reminisce about our memories. #TBT gives us a perfect opportunity to go back in time and share pictures or thoughts from an earlier time. This hashtag is also used to share nostalgia with people along with showing how far your brand has come from an earlier time.

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