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Sahar Tabar Undergoes Surgeries To Resemble Angelina Jolie

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Self-esteem is an important factor that defines anyone’s life. However, it is lacking in some people, which makes them do some crazy things. There was a story about a woman who spent about a quarter million dollars just to look like a Barbie doll. While the result may not have been that convincing, it certainly made sure that she was the center of attention for some time. Another story is trending these days about an Iranian girl who wishes to resemble her idol, Angelina Jolie. 19 year old Sahar Tabar is an Iranian teenager who has already gone over 50 procedures to try and look as much as Angelina Jolie but the result has not been that impressive.


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Sahar Tabar got all these surgeries done in just a span of a few months. She claims to be Angelina Jolie’s biggest fan and says that she would do anything for her. Her looks have not yet been confirmed by any reliable source, which could mean that the pictures that she is posting on Instagram could all be an elaborate play to gain attention using face colour and prosthetics. Sahar Tabar has also reportedly maintained her weight around 40 kg and has undergone a strict diet to maintain her small stature. If her height is over 4’8″, she would be classified under dangerously underweight.

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Sahar Tabar has a considerable following of 412,000 followers on Instagram and while some of her followers may be supportive of her endeavour, most of her followers criticize her, make fun of her, and discourage her from her current path. There are some nasty comments on all her pictures. In one of her pictures, she looks ghastly and there are comments asking if she is a zombie. Another user posted a comment, “Sarah: Doc I wanna look like a corpse. Doc: Say no more” While some of the comments were mean, there were appreciative comments encouraging her not to give up.

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